Obviously the Democrats have had a lot of crimes to cover up lately. That’s why they tried so desperately to replace one criminal President with another, to hide their secrets. But since they didn’t succeed in this, President Trump is here to shed light on D.C.’s biggest criminals and their nasty little secrets.

Now that the former President Obama is back to being an ordinary citizen again, he no longer has the power to cover his tracks and the people can finally see what all his work really is. After a recent news has popped up, involving one Obama business, it looks like someone will be facing jail time.

According to a WISTV report: The owner of a well-known gas station in Columbia has been arrested and charged with tax evasion, the state’s Department of Revenue said in a statement on Tuesday.

DOR investigators charged Murad A. Alhanik, owner of the Obama Mart on North Main Street, with four counts of sales tax evasion. Investigators say Alhanik failed to pay more than $136,000 in sales taxes over four years.

Alhanik, investigators said, evades taxes by underreporting sales from 2013 to 2016. Alhanik faces up to five years in prison and/or $10,000 fine for each count.

The report went on to say that : The Obama gas station began turning heads in 2011 when Alhanik bought the station and rebranded it to feature the 44th President of the United States.

Alhanik said in an interview months after he rebranded the store that he saw an uptick in business.

“I see more people come in,” Alhanik said. “Excited with the name.”

It is not a surprise that Obama’s name used for this Muslim immigrant’s business name, since he is a hero in the Muslim community. Considering that Barack enabled Alhanik’s way into the U.S. without caring how that will affect his citizens it is only natural that he does praise him.

Anther report from Steadfast and Loyal states how the owner of the gas station was especially proud of his business.

In an interview, he said “I see more people come in,”proudly saying, “Excited with the name.”

According to a statement from the state’s Department of Revenue, Alhanik now faces charger for tax evasion and he has been taken into custody. More particularly, he has been charged with 4 counts of sales tax evasion, saying that he’s failed to pay up to of $136,000 in sales taxes in the period of 4 years.

He is also facing another accusation that he has under-reported his sales between the years of 2013 and 2016.

The department issued a statement recently in which they said :“Alhanik filed monthly sales tax returns reporting a total of $971,935 in gross sales. However, the DOR investigation revealed actual sales to be $2,688,533. Due to the underreported sales, the defendant evaded paying $136,753 in sales taxes due to the state of South Carolina.”

At this time, he is being held at the Alvin S Glen Detention Center and he is facing 5 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines.

A year ago, Alhanik revealed to the Post and Courier that he would never consider changing the name because “It’s still history”, despite Obama not being the president anymore.

Ironically this gas station business, represents Obama’s legacy perfectly, with all the fraud and criminal.

Obama’s policies allowed law-offenders to steal from our system and prosper in their criminal businesses, but luckily there is a new man in charge now, who will make all this go away, and who will create tax cuts and incentives for all hard working and tax-paying citizens.

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