Red Hen Kicked Sarah Sanders Out — Now One MAGA Supporter Is Hitting Back…With Poop

Over the weekend, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was visiting a restaurant in Virginia called the Red Hen when the staff asked her to leave. She explained the incident on Twitter and sent shock waves throughout the internet:

Over 150,000 people replied to her tweet with mixed reactions. Others took to Yelp and tanked the restaurant’s rating, which was once at four-and-a-half stars.

But there was one man who had a truly unique way of getting back at the restaurant for kicking Sanders out, and it involved poop.
That’s right, a supporter of President Donald Trump allegedly threw what witnesses described as “chicken s**t” at the restaurant while shouting “Make America Great Again!”

According to WSET, the Lexington Police Department identified the subject as Reginald Scott See and charged him with disorderly conduct and littering. The Lexington Fire Department was quickly on the scene to clean up after the incident.

Watch the local news coverage of the incident:

Several other protesters were outside the restaurant defending the press secretary:

President Trump responded to the incident on Twitter, defending Sanders and slamming the restaurant for “refusing to serve a fine person”:

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