Watch: He Held His Salute Until Trump Turned Around, Then His Patience Was Rewarded

At a presidential campaign-style rally in Delaware County, Ohio, Saturday night, President Donald Trump gave a salute in return to an audience member who saluted him — and thrilled the hyped-up audience in the house.

According to Fox News, Trump was in the suburban Columbus county to campaign for Troy Balderson, who’s running in Tuesday’s special election for the seat in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. The race in the typically Republican district is widely seen as a bellwether for Republican hopes in the midterms this fall.

As Trump came out to speak to the crowd, he got a salute from a man dressed in a U.S. Army shirt and hat.

Here’s a pic of our saluter:

The president responded in kind. A video of the exchange is below. The salute begins at 6:41:53; Trump returns the salute at 6:42:19.

As The Daily Caller reported: “The man watched the president circle the podium, standing firm and holding the salute until President Trump, turning to survey the crowd, snapped to attention and returned the salute.”

(Please note that The Washington Post’s video doesn’t contain audio of the audience’s enthusiastic reaction to Trump’s arrival, something which I’m sure is just some sort of technical oversight on the part of the dispassionate “Democracy Dies in Darkness” folks.)

Speaking to the crowd after this exchange, Trump saluted Balderson and said the candidate was “really smart” and “a really hard worker.”

Adding that the candidate would “fight for Ohio,” Trump painted a vote for Democrat candidate Danny O’Connor as a vote for abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the current bugaboo of the left side of the aisle.

“A vote for Danny boy and the Democrats is a vote to let criminals and drugs pour into our country,” Trump said. “And to let MS-13 run wild in our communities. And you know what they do once they’re there.”

The president also praised ICE agents as “brave” and “fantastic for this country,” while saying a vote for O’Connor “is a vote for open borders, which equals massive crime.”

“If you want to have a border, if you want to stop the radical Pelosi and Waters — Maxine Waters — agenda, there’s only one choice in this election,” Trump said. “That’s vote for Troy Balderson.”

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