In a Shooting in New Mexico, There Were Three Persons Murdered and Six Were Injured, Including Two Police Officers.

By USA Mega News

Monday, a person with guns, including an "AR-style rifle," "roamed" the town of Farmington, New Mexico, and shot at people "at random."

Three people were killed and six others wounded in a shooting, including two police officers, according to authorities.

In a Monday night Facebook video, Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe stated the 18-year-old suspect was killed in the 11 am local time shooting.

Hebbe said that while police were investigating the incident, they were not releasing any information about the culprit or the motive.

"The suspect wandered throughout the neighborhood for up to a quarter of a mile," Hebbe said further.

The suspect "randomly fired at whatever entered his mind to shoot at," resulting in damage to "at least six houses and three cars"

The Farmington Police Department announced Monday that one of the wounded officers is from the FPD and the other from the New Mexico State Police.

Hebbe said that police came to the city of about 46,000 people in northwest New Mexico within minutes of the shooting.

According to Hebbe, the suspect in the New Mexico shooting was killed in a shootout with the police.