Aaron Judge home run records

Aaron Judge is probably going to win the American league Most Valuable Player Award.

Aaron Judge is set to pass Roger Maris’ single-season home run total of 61, perhaps before the week is done.

He has currently tied Babe Ruth and is as of now one of only six players that have hit the lofty 60 home run milestone

The last folks to make it happen? Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa in the PED-infused season of 2001. Judge is a stunning 20 home runs ahead of second-place Kyle Schwarber.

On top of the stunning home run numbers, Aaron Judge is the American League triple crown leader (316/60/128)

Aaron Judge is 14 points off his batting average from being the league triple crown leader (Freddie Freeman leads the league with a 330 average)

Beyond the triple crown, Aaron Judge ranks #1 in the league by SLG (.703), OPS (1.123), OPS+ (214), OBP (.419), total bases (372), runs (123), XBH (87), and the all-important WAR (9.7).