Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees  hits his 62nd home run of the season and made home run history in Baseball

For a very long time (61 years), Roger Maris' home run record had stood: 61 home runs, set by the New York Yankee in 1961.

Thar record of Roger Maris was untouched as the most homers hit in one season by any American League player.

Aaron Judge, the champion outfielder for the New York Yankees, hit his 62nd home run of the season during a Tuesday night game against the Texas Rangers.

Fans of Aaron Judge are very happy and excited and his teammates from New York Yankees are also happy for him.

Aaron judge after making history, happily said, "It's a big relief and it's been a fun ride so far," 

For quite a long time, the senior Yankee's imprint remained solitary as baseball's overall single-season home run record. 

Counterparts like Willie Mays and Hank Aaron couldn't touch it. Nor could many of the players that followed: not Mike Schmidt, not Ken Griffey Jr, not Reggie Jackson.

In his 7th season, the 30-year-old has broken his past bests. Notwithstanding his 62 grand slams, Judge has 131 RBIs — best in the American League.

Aaron Judge's batting average is an imposing .311. With just enough karma, he could end the season leading his league in all three statistics and gather up a Triple Crown.