Cocaine Bear Movie Review: The action comedy Movie is about a drug-crazed bear. All you need to know.

The suspenseful and comedic action film, which Elizabeth Banks directed and which starred Ray Liotta.

American drug trafficker tossed 40 packets of cocaine out of a small private jet into the woods near the Tennessee/Georgia border in 1985.

A black bear devoured one of the packages, and it passed away soon after from an overdose as a result of its consumption.

In the first Paddington film, Nicole Kidman's character planned to stuff and display the bear in Kentucky For Kentucky Fun Mall.

It's a sleazy tale of humanity's self-centered exploitation of nature, but you can see how it may serve as inspiration for something completely different.

An action comedy about a huge, fanged beast on a drug-fueled rampage in a national park. This is what Cocaine Bear is.

The dealer (Matthew Rhys) is introduced at the beginning of the film, and he is in a very advantageous position.

More characters are introduced throughout the film that could have been written by the Coen brothers.

Cocaine Bear is undeniably superior to the previous film that Elizabeth Banks directed, Charlie's Angels.