As fighting continues in Gaza, Israel kills another leader of militants, but efforts to reach a peace fail

On Thursday, Israeli airstrikes in Gaza killed a fourth militant commander, boosting the death toll from the latest fighting to 25.

Israel got ready for more rocket fire after hearing that Egyptian efforts to find a way to stop the fighting were failing.

The fighting between Israel and Palestinian rebels in Gaza was the worst in months, and women and children were among those who died.

In the occupied West Bank, tensions and bloodshed have been rising and getting worse over the past year.

Israeli military forces launched a series of airstrikes against members of the Islamic Jihad extremist group early on Thursday.

Ali Ghali, a top leader in charge of the group's rocket launchers, was killed when his apartment was hit, according to Israel.

Two other militants were killed in the strike, according to Israeli Army Radio and military spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari.

The attacks killed at least 2 persons, including the commander, on the top floor of a Qatari-built residential complex in the southern Gaza Strip.

Since the beginning of the fighting, the Health Ministry in Gaza has reported that 25 people have lost their lives.