The Netflix show 'The Watcher' complete review, full explanation and key details. All you need to know.

The Netflix seven-part series "The Watcher"  created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan is a treat to watch out for.

The story is about a couple, Dean and Nora Brannock, who come to reside in their new home and find the area somewhat unpleasant.

The story proceeds to show that the family at last winds up selling the house in no less than two years of possessing it

The couple Dean and Nora Brannock took this decision due to being flooded by letters from the Watcher.

The story is about a house in Chicago that couple Derek and Maria Broaddus purchased in the year 2014.

Derek had worked at the house prior to moving in with his family and found a letter for the new proprietor.

The individual who wrote the letter informed me that he was liable for watching over the house at 657 Boulevard.

The individual who referred to himself as "The Watcher" invited the family into the area, saying that his family had looked after the property for decades.

The Couple, Derek and Maria reached the past proprietor, who denied encountering anything like this.

The couple chose to sell the home 6 months after moving in and lastly sold it in 2018 for $400,000 not exactly the first cost. The Watcher was never caught.