Casting for 'Superman: Legacy': Searching for Superman: How DC Tried to Find Its Next Biggest Hero  

In the search for Clark Kent and Lois Lane, frontrunners including Nicholas Hoult and David Corenswet have been gaining ground.

Superman: Legacy, the film that will launch Gunn and Peter Safran's lauded first chapter of DC Studios, has reached a pivotal point in casting.

David Corenswet, who played the unfortunate projectionist opposite Mia Goth in Pearl, is a leading candidate to play Kent, aka Superman.

Moving on to the screen test stage, which will probably happen after Memorial Day or in early June. 

Two other contenders for Superman: Legacy may also be in the casting but no one knows who they are yet.

The name of sought-after actor Jacob Elordi, who rose to prominence as Euphoria's resident villain on HBO, has been bandied about for the part of Kent.

Tom Brittney and Andrew Richardson, both of whom are actors from the United Kingdom, were also names that were considered early on.

Superman: Legacy will be the first movie that Gunn and Safran run at DC, so it's important to look at who they cast.

David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, is putting a lot of money into the new superhero plan.