An early morning severe storm produces a brief Tornado, west of Oklahoma City in the United States of America.

A line of strong severe storms is moving throughout the Oklahoma City of Oklahoma state on this Monday.

One storm delivered a brief, weak tornado spin-up on the west side of the Oklahoma City metro on Monday.

The small and weak tornado touched down around 8:28 a.m. just west side of Mustang, Oklahoma on Monday.

Showers and storm chances return to Green Country (the northeastern portion of the U.S. state of Oklahoma) on Monday.

The meteorologist said, some parts of Oklahoma State could see some heavy downpours especially northeastern portion.

Surprisingly, a few imperceptibly extreme storms toward the midday hours on Monday, Meteorologists said.

Heavy rainfall could start toward the mid-morning hours, as warm temperatures and some gusty winds proceed.

Temperatures will decrease with a cold front crashing in. As the cold front moves in, we could see a couple of strong to extreme storms.

Now it has to be seen whether this storm will stop or not, Will this storm become a big threat to the city or not?