A Strong Tornado Rips Through the Gulf Coast of Texas, Killing 1 and Sending 10 People to the Hospital

A violent tornado ripped through a neighborhood near the southeastern corner of Texas, killing one man as it demolished his mobile home.

According to the officials, dozens of homes were damaged, and electrical lines were brought down.   

At least ten more people were taken to the hospital, including two individuals who were described as being in critical condition.

Many neighbors also sustained scratches and bruises, according to Tom Hushen, the emergency management coordinator for Cameron County.

Most people in the unincorporated town of Laguna Heights were sleeping when the tornado hit around 4 a.m.

Laguna Heights is on the mainland, on the other side of the Gulf of Mexico from South Padre Island. 

The county has one of the highest poverty rates in Texas, and there are a lot of houses that aren't up to par.

Nobody was warned. A tornado warning instead "went out at the same time it was touching the ground," as Barry Goldsmith put it.

Roberto Flores, who was 42 years old, died because the damage to his mobile home "basically crushed him," Trevio said (the Cameron County judge).