University of Arizona professor Thomas Meixner dies after being fatally shot on campus by a former student.

University President Robert C. Robbins said in a statement that victim Thomas Meixner, was the head of the department of hydrology and atmospheric sciences, 

The suspect was identified as Murad Dervish, 46-year-old by University Police Chief Paula Balafas at a news conference.

The suspect Murad Dervish was eventually arrested during a traffic stop near Gila Bend later that evening.

The Father of the suspect Murad Dervish said his son is “disturbed” and has a violent criminal history.

76-year-old Dolgun Dervish of Marion, South Carolina, is the father of 46-year-old suspect Murad Dervish.

Dolgun Dervish told he has been away from his son for a year and was unaware he was accused of a deadly shooting.

College President Robert C. Robbins said, "We have contacted Dr. Meixner's family, and asked that their grief and privacy be respected." 

University Police Chief Paula Balafas said “It’s a tremendously tragic event. We feel so incredibly bad for the professor’s family."

Paula Balafas said, "It was not clear whether there was any connection between the suspect and the professor and she did not know of a motive."