Hurricane Hilary has formed in the Western US

Hurricane Hilary, which developed on Wednesday in the southwest of Mexico, is expected to travel through the Baja Peninsula before potentially having an impact on the western US.

Hurricane Hilary has formed

On Wednesday night, it was still too early to estimate how much rain and wind might affect the US. The National Hurricane Center’s analysts have however issued a warning that the storm is likely to intensify quickly.

The storm is expected to intensify as it swirls over the Pacific Ocean over the next two to three days, possibly reaching at least Category 3 hurricane status (with winds of at least 111 mph) by Thursday afternoon.

According to a Wednesday night update from the National Hurricane Center, Hilary was approximately 390 miles south of Manzanillo, Mexico, whipping gusts of 50 mph.

It is anticipated that the storm will diminish when it passes over much colder water off the central and northern Baja Peninsula, but it could still have a substantial impact on parts of California and the southwest.

A “multiple years’ worth of precipitation” might fall in some of California’s driest regions, according to Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Since Hilary will be heading parallel to the Baja Peninsula, a broad range of outcomes is still possible despite the uncertain forecast. Significant changes in rainfall volumes and impacts will result from even the smallest variations in the route.

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According to the San Diego National Weather Service, “this does have the potential to be a very high impact event for portions of Southern California.” “There is still some uncertainty in the forecast and more information will be provided in the upcoming days on the precise timing, location, and magnitude of impacts.”

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