With her victory in the mayoral primary in Philadelphia, Cherelle Parker creates history

By USA Mega News

In the crowded contest for mayor of Philadelphia, Cherelle Parker is the only black woman candidate.

She made history Tuesday night when she beat out eight other Democratic candidates in a primary that was supposed to be very close.

Parker, who had to get emergency dental care on election night and missed her party to watch the results,

She is likely to win the general election in November. If she does, she will be the first woman to be elected to the job.

In the general election, Parker will go up against David Oh, who won the Republican primary with no opposition.

In a statement from her campaign, Parker says she is "thrilled to have received the trust" of voters.

As the results came in, people started to crowd into the Laborer's Local 322 union meeting to show their support. 

Former City Councilmember Marian Tasco, Parker's mentor, spoke proudly of her when recalling their first meeting when Parker was a high school student.

Parker had the backing of most of the well-known politicians in Philadelphia and an extensive list of unions, including the building trades.