Andrew Tate has been released from a Romanian prison and is now being held under home arrest

On Friday, a Romanian official confirmed that Andrew Tate, the controversial internet celebrity who has spent months in jail on charges of organized crime and human trafficking, has successfully appealed to have his custody replaced with home arrest.

Andrew Tate has been released from a Romanian prison

According to Ramona Bolla, a spokesperson for Romania’s anti-organized crime agency, DIICOT, Andrew Tate’s appeal was upheld by the Bucharest Court of Appeal, which had contested a judge’s decision last week to place him under arrest for a further thirty days, this time for the fourth time.

Andrew Tate has been released from a Romanian prison
Andrew Tate (Image Source: Alexandru Dobre/AP)

Andrew Tate, 36, is a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States. U.S. citizen with 5.5 million Twitter followers was arrested in Bucharest, Romania’s capital city, along with his brother Tristan and two Romanian ladies at the end of December.

Bolla said on Friday that the four would continue to be under house arrest until April 29 thanks to an appeal. So far, none of the four have been formally charged with anything. The magistrate issued an order that they be released without further delay. Bolla emphasized that the ruling of the appeals court is definitive and cannot be challenged by the prosecution.

Late on Friday night in Bucharest, Tristan Tate informed a swarm of media that “the courts today made the right choice” as he and his brother exited jail.

I appreciate what they’ve done for me, and they’ll be proven right in their judgment; I’m an innocent man who can’t wait to clear his name.

Several of Andrew Tate’s fans refer to him as “Top-G,” a moniker that was chanted by some of his supporters outside the facility.

Andrew Tate later expressed gratitude to the judges “who listened to us today, because they were attentive and they listened to us, and they freed us free” while standing outside what is thought to be the Tate brothers’ home near the capital.

I harbor no ill will toward Romania or anyone else, he declared. I have faith in the truth and the ultimate triumph of justice; I do not believe that I will be found guilty of a crime I did not commit.

Andrew Tate is a professional kickboxer who has been living in Romania since 2017. He has been banned from several social media sites for his misogynistic and hateful comments made in the past. He has said numerous times that the Romanian prosecutors have no proof and that the entire case against him is a “political” plot to suppress him.

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In a statement that was issued after the detention in December, DIICOT named six people as victims of human trafficking. The statement also said that the suspects had sexually exploited the victims and forced them to “violent acts” of violence and mental coercion.”

The agency claims that victims were drawn in under pretenses of romantic interest before being subjected to intimidation, surveillance, and additional methods of coercion to coerce individuals into engaging in pornographic activities for the profit of the criminal group they work for.

A Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, and Porsche were among the luxury vehicles seized by Romanian officials in January from a compound near Bucharest associated with the Tate brothers. They claimed to have taken possession of property worth around $3.9 million.

If the government can show that the automobile owners profited from illegal operations like human trafficking, those funds would be used to pay for the investigation and compensate victims, the prosecutors have said. Andrew Tate attempted to challenge the forfeiture in court but was ultimately unsuccessful.

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Why was Andrew Tate arrested?

Prosecutors say he and his brother Tristan were arrested in Romania on December 29, 2022, on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and making an organized crime group. The next day, a court in Romania said that Andrew Tate will have to stay in jail for 30 days.

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