Balenciaga Controversy 2022: Kim Kardashian said she was reconsidering her connection with Balenciaga, Shocking

Balenciaga Controversy

Balenciaga Controversy: Kim Kardashian has stated that she is “re-evaluating” her working relationship with the luxury fashion house Balenciaga after the brand’s most recent advertising campaign featured children cuddling teddy bears dressed in bondage gear. The campaign was released after Balenciaga featured children in the campaign.

Balenciaga Controversy
Image Source: Kim Kardashian (Instagram) – Balenciaga Controversy

The Skims founder and reality TV personality, who has been an ambassador for the fashion business, broke her silence on Sunday after receiving an onslaught of messages from fans and analysts demanding her condemn the brand. She has been a spokesperson for the fashion label.

Kardashian wrote on social media, “I needed an opportunity to speak to their staff in order to see what might have actually occurred, and I finally had that chance today.” She added that she has been “disgusted and horrified” by the recent Balenciaga campaigns the entire time. She went on to explain that as a mother, she was “shaken by the frightening sights,” which left her feeling very uncomfortable.

On Sunday, she warned her 74.2 million Twitter followers that “the safety of children must be treated with the utmost consideration, and any attempts to normalize child abuse of any sort should have no place in modern society – period.” She made this statement on Twitter. Balenciaga has apologized and taken the advertising down, which is much appreciated. After speaking with them, I feel certain that they understand the seriousness of the problem and are determined to take the necessary measures to guarantee that this will never happen again.”

In July, during Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian was one of the many celebrities cast in the Balenciaga couture presentation. Kardashian is best known for wearing an identity-obscuring Balenciaga ensemble to the Met Gala 2021. Her performance in the Balenciaga show was the focal point of the season finale of “The Kardashians,” which aired on Thursday.

In a follow-up post that she published on Sunday, she discussed her future with Balenciaga and wrote: I’m reconsidering my loyalty to the company because of their openness to blame and accept responsibility for an incident that had no business happening in the first place — and the actions I am hoping to see them take to protect children.”

The comment made by Kardashian comes just a few days after the brand apologized on its Instagram page and deleted the contentious campaign that was part of a project called “Toy Stories” and was photographed by photographer Gabriele Galimberti.

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The company issued a statement reading, “We want to convey our deepest sorrow for any harm that our holiday marketing may have brought.” For this marketing campaign, including young children and their plush bear backpacks was not appropriate. We have, without delay, taken the campaign down from all of the sites.” In a statement that was released to CNN on Wednesday, Galimberti claimed that he was “not obligated in any manner to neither chose (sic) the products, nor the models, nor the byproduct of the same.” And he said he didn’t get a say in the “Toy Stories” commercial’s creative direction or production, either.

After a different campaign that featured records from a United States Supreme Court case involving child pornography statutes went viral, Balenciaga published an additional statement on Instagram apologizing for exhibiting “uncomfortable materials.” In the statement, they expressed regret over the publication of the files.  Additionally, the business mentioned that it intended to “legally proceed against the parties responsible for developing the set and incorporating unauthorized elements.”

Galimberti stated that he “had no involvement with the photo in which a document from the Supreme Court appears.”

Continuing repercussions from Kanye West’s anti-Semitic and inflammatory remarks led to Balenciaga cutting ties with the rapper last month.

Kanye West on Balenciaga Controversy

Recently, Kanye West weighed in on the Balenciaga debate, saying that “all superstars are controlled” in the process. On Saturday, November 26, 2022, the rapper spoke with a small group of reporters after being spotted exiting a Messianic church.

Although Balenciaga’s most recent ad campaign was widely panned, Kanye pointed out that few celebrities have spoken out against it. He also expressed his opinion that Elon Musk should restore Alex Jones’ Twitter access.

Ye has lately lost a major sponsor when the company discovered his antisemitic rants on social media. In this regard, Ye made the following statement:

In an effort to ruin me, they’ve gone to the press. They made a concerted effort to wipe out all of my companies at once, and the whole world took notice. Not a soul seems willing to speak up. Show that all celebrities are controlled as long as none of them are making any public statements.

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Kanye West has commented on the Balenciaga controversy, saying:

No one seems concerned about the Balenciaga Controversy. This goes to proves that the people who truly run the world are in control of the celebrities you see on the news and in magazines, therefore you shouldn’t allow them to sway your opinions.

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