Cash App Founder Bob Lee Dies at 43

Cash App founder and former Square employee Bob Lee was stabbed to death on Tuesday, according to his family and authorities. Lee was a technology expert who had worked for both companies.

Bob Lee dies at 43

At approximately 2:35 a.m. on Tuesday, police in San Francisco responded to a call of a stabbing. Officers discovered 43-year-old Robert Lee, who seemed to have been stabbed. His injuries proved fatal, and he was pronounced dead at the hospital, the police said.

Bob Lee dies at 43
Bob Lee

Police Chief Bill Scott issued a statement on Wednesday evening, describing the incident as “horrific” and said that the inquiry was only getting started.

The police department has stated that the event is being investigated by the homicide unit.

Bob Lee’s previous position was CPO at MobileCoin, a cryptocurrency startup. He was once the chief technology officer at Square, the fintech startup co-founded by Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter. Square is now known as Block.

Bob Lee then developed the money transfer app Cash App.

Bobby was the most intelligent and hardworking person I’ve ever met. His father, Richard Lee, expressed his sorrow for the loss of his son in a Facebook post that included a link to a news story about the stabbing.

Richard Lee wrote in the post that he and his kid had moved to Miami from California in October. As Bob Lee’s mother passed away in 2019, they become exceptionally close. There was some mystery as to why Lee had returned to the Bay Area.

Tim Oliver Lee commented on Facebook, “I’m extremely saddened and dismayed to lose my brother.” “The best among us was him. Having had the good fortune to grow up with him, I feel like a piece of my identity has been snatched away.”

MobileCoin CEO Joshua Goldbard released a statement on Wednesday mourning Bob Lee’s “passing yesterday” and praising Lee’s economic skills. The reason for Lee’s passing was not specified.

“Bob Lee was a whirlwind, a tornado. Goldbard remarked that “Bob was the real deal.” He was a child of dreams, and he brought to life whatever wild ideas he entertained. He was a man of his imagination.

In a series of tweets, Goldbard described Lee as “like a brother to me,” going on to call him a “bright” visionary with a “kaleidoscopic mind.”

Bob Lee provided “help and knowledge” during the pandemic, the World Health Organization told on Wednesday.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Lee also invested in other Internet companies, including the social audio app Clubhouse, founded by Elon Musk. On LinkedIn and Twitter, he went by the moniker crazybob.

Scott, the chief of police, expressed his condolences to Lee’s loved ones on Wednesday night.

Scott stated in the statement, “There is no place for this kind of vicious crime against anyone in our city.” I want to reassure the public that, as with every homicide in our city, our investigators are doing all in their power to find the killer and deliver justice to Mr. Lee’s family.

Residents and business owners in San Francisco have been growing increasingly concerned about violent crime and thievery, and this tragic stabbing may increase their focus on these issues. London Breed, the mayor, has vowed to increase law enforcement efforts.

The San Francisco Police Department reports that there have been 12 homicides so far this year. There were 10 murders in the same period a year ago.

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The Lee family, friends, and coworkers all came together to pay their respects.

Krista Lee said of her ex-husband, “He was everyone’s best friend,” and that he was “the most fantastic and beautiful human being.”

Damien, 17, and Scout, 14, were their children. According to Damien Lee, his dad was a chill guy who was great at listening.

That man has a unique place in this world. “It breaks my heart that he had to leave us so soon,” Damien Lee said in a statement.

UFC legend Jake Shields, who had trained with him, called him a “true friend.” Musk expressed his sorrow about Lee’s passing in a tweet in response to one of Shields’ messages.

Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, described Bob Lee’s passing as “heartbreaking” on the site Nostr. Dorsey praised Bob’s contributions to the success of Square and Cash App.

An old friend of Lee’s, Joshua Bloch, who worked with him at Google in the late aughts, recalled that Lee was an incredibly charismatic person.

Bloch said that Bob Lee was a technological “autodidact” who could “accomplish anything he wanted,” adding, “I don’t think he recognized how special he was,” during a phone conversation on Wednesday.

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Where did they find Bob Lee?

Friends and coworkers said that Mr. Lee had died. He is said to have died early on Tuesday morning. At 2:35 a.m., he was found in front of a high-end apartment building on the 300 block of Main St, close to Rincon Hill and the Bay Bridge.

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