D’Angelo Russell Says Timberwolves ‘Held Him Back’

D’Angelo Russell is currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in pursuit of a title, while the Minnesota Timberwolves, with whom he began the season, sit at home and cheer him on from the sidelines.

According to D’Angelo Russell, he was constrained with the Timberwolves

Because of the restrictions imposed by the Timberwolves, he thinks he is in a much stronger position.

According to D'Angelo Russell, he was constrained by the Timberwolves
D’Angelo Russell (Image Source: Lakers/Twitter)

D’Angelo Russell commented, “To tell you the truth, I had the impression that I was being held back there,” as quoted by Sam Amick of The Athletic. I felt like I had to be the last resort. On other evenings, I found myself unable to rein in my aggression. It’s great to be on a team that feeds off of positive energy, so it’s great to be in a position where I can thrive and be aggressive and it gets guys moving.

In addition to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, D’Angelo Russell provides the Lakers with a third scoring option. While being the third choice for Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns is similar, being the third choice for James is very different.

James, who is one of the best passers in NBA history, is happy to help out when his teammates face double teams or when he draws defensive attention on a drive.

The 127-97 rout of the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of their second-round playoff series on Saturday was the defining moment. Los Angeles’ first 11 points were scored by Russell, so the King made sure the ball kept moving until it got to the guard.

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In the first quarter, when the Lakers got out to an 11-4 start thanks to D’Angelo Russell’s hot shooting, James didn’t even try a field goal.

And, like the legend that he is, he eventually figured out when it was time to impose himself as a scorer, going 6-for-11 from the field to finish with 21 points.

Edwards has the potential to become a franchise player for the Timberwolves, but James still has the upper hand when it comes to understanding the big picture and setting up his teammates for success. Timberwolves’ long-term success depends, in part, on 21-year-old Edwards making progress toward his potential.

D’Angelo Russell felt constrained since he needed to hold possession of the ball while searching for shooting opportunities.

He even joined the Timberwolves’ benchwarmers in post-practice scrimmages to justify their lack of playing time to Amick.

“Because the way I was playing was causing my confidence to decline, I decided to take part in that competition rather than continue playing. Man, I’m a killer. Being a bird with a need for flight, I was unable to do so at that location. They pigeonholed me into a successful category, but I chose that for myself. I like to play for the sake of playing, and I used to play some of my finest games when I couldn’t get into a rhythm during actual games.

To some extent, I felt I had to make accommodations for the male gender. And, with all due respect, I joined in because we were making progress. However, I am aware of the kind of player I am.

D’Angelo Russell’s trading and shipping The Lakers were able to get their season back on track with the help of Russell Westbrook, who was a less-than-ideal match with James and Davis. The Ohio State alum’s personal life also appears to be on the upswing as a result.

The agreement was justified by D’Angelo Russell’s performance on Saturday; his 21 first-half points helped the Lakers take a 2-1 series lead over the Warriors.

Video of D’Angelo Russell talking on AD Defense Watch Now

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