Johnny Depp addresses the Hollywood boycott

At the press conference for “Jeanne du Barry,” the opening picture of the 76th Cannes Picture Festival, Johnny Depp made a rare public appearance. Following his high-profile court fights with ex-wife Amber Heard, this film marks his first main appearance in three years. Depp seems conflicted as he returns to the spotlight after years away from Hollywood filmmaking.

Johnny Depp Responds to a Hollywood Boycott

Did I experience a Hollywood boycott? To say “No,” you’d have to be dead. Nothing of the sort is occurring. He reportedly made this remark to the media on Wednesday. As per the statement made by the actor, being asked to resign from a movie due to the mere articulation of vowels and consonants in the air can lead to a feeling of being boycotted.

Johnny Depp Responds to a Hollywood Boycott
Johnny Depp (Image Source: Festival de Cannes/Twitter)

It’s safe to assume that by “Harry Potter” spinoff series “Fantastic Beasts,” Johnny Depp meant the franchise he’ll be leaving in 2020. The A-list celebrity who was responsible for over $10 billion in worldwide box office abandoned the Warner Bros. film due to public relations problems, forgoing an eight-figure pay in the process.

Subsequently, Johnny Depp expounded, “I do not perceive any boycott from Hollywood as it is not a subject that occupies my thoughts.” It’s a strange and humorous era in which everyone wishes they could be themselves but can’t. Everyone must get in line behind the leader. I want the best for you if you decide to go down that road.

A defamation trial in the United States, which Johnny Depp won, resulted in a $10 million judgment against Heard for the actor. A libel complaint he brought in 2020 in the United Kingdom over Heard’s abuse allegations was dismissed, leading to his dismissal from 2022’s “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.” Despite the actor’s many scandals, not everyone abandoned the ship. The French luxury fashion firm Dior supported the troubled singer by signing him to the richest contract in the history of men’s fragrance, reportedly for over $20 million.

Heard was not specifically mentioned at the news conference, but their legal dispute persisted. Depp provided a hypothetical response to a question from a Variety reporter about what he would say to individuals who believe he should not attend Cannes owing to his past legal difficulties.

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He conveyed, “Let us contemplate a hypothetical situation wherein I am restricted from accessing McDonald’s for an unspecified duration, irrespective of the conditions.” If all the concerned parties were to convene, it would result in 39 disgruntled individuals observing me consume a Big Mac repeatedly for their amusement.” May I kindly request for additional context or clarification regarding the subject matter you are alluding to? What’s in it for them? They have a mound of mashed potatoes, or possibly a different species, over their monitor, blocking out the light. Anonymous. With presumably less spare time. Everyone needs to stop and consider the bigger picture. Really.“

Johnny Depp expressed his contempt for the media, who had extensively chronicled his troubles with Heard and the backlash from Hollywood, earlier in the press conference. The vast majority of what you read is fiction, and most of it is written in a spectacular and horrifying style.

He also shot down the notion that this year’s Cannes Film Festival will serve as his “comeback” to the film industry. He proclaimed that he has experienced his 17th resurgence. To rephrase, “I am preoccupied with contemplating the significance of the term ‘comeback’.” I remained stationary. It is possible that a significant number of individuals refrained from making phone calls due to their apprehension during that period. I didn’t quite disappear, though.

The press conference for “Jeanne du Barry” began 27 minutes late and without Depp because he was over 40 minutes late due to traffic.

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