Kai Cenat will be charged by the police

Following the turmoil during the video game system giveaway event that US YouTuber Kai Cenat planned in New York, the police have announced their intention to press charges against him.

Kai Cenat will be charged

Tens of thousands of people ran crazy in Union Square, flinging bottles, rocks, and paint cans in anticipation of getting free PlayStation 5 consoles.

Kai Cenat might face numerous charges of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly.

Over 60 arrests, according to police, have been made.

Around 13:00 local time (17:00 GMT), people began to assemble after Kai Cenat revealed he would be giving away 300 PlayStations on social media, where he currently has over ten million followers and subscribers.

By 15:30, hundreds had gathered in the area of one of New York City’s busiest subway stops.

By climbing up automobiles and the roof of the train station entrance, they attacked the responding police.

The New York Police Department proclaimed a “level four” mobilization, which indicated that 1,000 officers had been dispatched to the area.

As the chaos developed, Mr. Cenat stated on a live video from inside a car near Union Square: “They’re spraying tear gas out there.

“We won’t take any action until it’s secure. Everyone is fighting for their interests out there, guy.

At around 17:00, Mr. Cenat was placed into police custody. After almost an hour, the crowd gradually started to thin out.

Mr. Cenat allegedly did not have permission for the event, which was supposedly a partnership with Bronx YouTube star Fanum, according to a CBS affiliate.

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“Even while we have dealt with similar circumstances in the past, they have never been this dangerous or involved young kid who would disobey our directions,” said Jeffrey Maddrey, chief of the NYPD.

Maddrey continued, “You had guys running around with shovels and knives “

Additionally, people were setting off fireworks. In addition to throwing them toward the cops, they were also throwing them at one another.

When he surpassed the previous record of 250,000 Twitch subscribers in March, Cenat became well-known.

Users commonly stream video games while communicating with viewers on the live streaming platform Twitch.

In the months leading up to breaking the record, Mr. Cenat started a 24-hour campaign to increase his subscriber base. He did this by sleeping, playing games, conversing with guests, and interviewing them all on camera.

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