Kamala Harris coming to Boston for NAACP National Convention

Kamala Harris, the vice president, is getting ready to launch a month-long schedule of high-profile engagements aimed at influencing important voting groups. Her schedule will outline the role she will play for the Democratic ticket in 2024.

Kamala Harris coming to Boston

Harris will serve as the keynote speaker at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s annual conference on Sunday in Chicago. The Rainbow PUSH Coalition was established by Rev. Jesse Jackson. Harris, an Alpha Kappa Alpha member, will connect with another of the “Divine Nine” historically Black sororities when she travels to Indianapolis later next week to speak at their convention.

In the coming weeks, Harris will also speak at conferences for the NAACP in Boston, Everytown for Gun Safety in Chicago, the Women’s Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Orlando, and Unidos US, a significant Hispanic advocacy organization.

Each of the travels, according to the White House, is a component of her official White House portfolio and showcases the work she has accomplished while working for the government. However, each also helps the Biden campaign’s strategy, which is to focus on restoring the Democratic Party’s core values in the relatively early stages of the 2024 election cycle.

According to a Biden associate who spoke to NBC News, “This trip represents addressing some of the most pressing issues facing Americans today and reaching out to some of the Biden-Harris coalition’s most vital constituencies, including young people and Latinos.” “The vice president’s galvanizing power is evident from her attendance at these high-profile events early in the cycle, which will help us mobilize these groups next year.”

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President Joe Biden spoke at a dinner for a major environmental group last month while it and other organizations actively supported his reelection. He also served as the keynote speaker at a political rally sponsored by significant labor unions. Biden and Harris then appeared together at a demonstration before the occasion of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling overturning Roe v. Wade after reproductive rights organizations backed the ticket.

The program is identical to one Harris had with important groups before the midterm elections last year as part of a plan with the president to take advantage of the Dobbs decision and Republican-led initiatives to modify voting laws. By reducing losses in the House and increasing their Senate majority and control of the governorships, the Democratic Party defied conventional midterm tendencies.

In light of recent Supreme Court decisions that have had an impact on African American students, young voters, and the LGBTQ community, Harris now seems to be expanding on that strategy. As part of her celebration of Pride Month, she recently went to the Stonewall bar in New York, among other trips that were devoted to gun safety and climate change.

With a significant Iowa Republican Party dinner coming up later this month and the customary campaign blitz surrounding the Iowa State Fair in August, Kamala Harris’ trip comes as the GOP presidential nomination race is heating up.

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