Max Holloway maintains his UFC title hopes by defeating Arnold Allen

Max Holloway has been and continues to be, one of the top featherweight fighters in the world.

Max Holloway defeats Arnold Allen

The former UFC featherweight champion won the main event at UFC Kansas City on Saturday with a unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47) over Arnold Allen. Holloway looked good in a pivotal bout for his career. If he had lost, it would have been the first time in nearly eight years that he wasn’t among the top contenders. Since 2013, Max Holloway has not lost an exhibition bout.

Max Holloway defeats Arnold Allen
Image Source: Max Holloway/Instagram

“That man hits like a truck,” Max Holloway remarked of Allen in an interview after their bout. In the final round, he knocked me out and blacked out my eye. Oh, Arnold. Because of you, I may have to give up my modeling career.

Max Holloway entered the bout ranked third in the world by ESPN at featherweight, while Allen was placed eighth. After starting his UFC career with 10 consecutive victories, Allen was searching for his biggest win to date.

In the opening round, Max Holloway dominated with effective combinations from his southpaw stance. He went back to his orthodox style and finished the first round by landing a strong right kick to the body, a move he would use effectively throughout the night. Allen came back strong in the second round with some powerful combinations.

For Max Holloway, the third round was decisive. Early in the fight, a punch from Allen injured the inside of Holloway’s left eye, but in the later rounds, Holloway was able to strike combos and three heavy body kicks.

Allen landed three solid left hands in the fourth round, possibly enough to tie things up going into the fifth. Allen started the fifth by putting a lot of pressure on Holloway, and he eventually landed a punch. After getting clipped in the final seconds, Max Holloway still managed to land a spinning back elbow and rock Allen with a pair of left hooks and a right before the bell rang.

In the dying seconds of their 2016 battle at UFC 199, Holloway famously pointed to the ground in the center of the Octagon, suggesting he intended to brawl with Ricardo Lamas until the bell rang.

Holloway expressed a desire to “recreate that moment” by saying. “I had a great time.”

The first four rounds were unanimously awarded to Holloway by judges Chris Lee and Sal D’Amato. The first three rounds were awarded to Holloway by referee Travis Buesking.

At the end of their post-fight interview in the cage, Holloway asked the crowd to cheer for Allen.

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Do not boo the man, Holloway pleaded, “when this man, this friggin’ beast of a man,” took the microphone. Please applaud his efforts. He deserves our support, therefore let’s cheer him on. His actions demonstrated the truth of the adage “It requires two to do the tango.”

After losing to Alexander Volkanovski for the third time at UFC 276 in July of 2018, Holloway’s record stood at 23-7. Three out of his last four victories have come for the Hawaii native. Holloway, now 31 years old, has gone 16-4 in his last 20 bouts, losing only twice in title bouts. Holloway hasn’t lost a fight since 2008 when he was defeated by Conor McGregor in a non-title match.

On Saturday, Max Holloway became the 12th fighter in UFC history to amass 20 victories. After his battle with Allen, he became only the third fighter in UFC history to spend more than seven hours inside the Octagon and the only one to land more than 3,000 meaningful strikes.

Even if it looks unlikely that he would be able to face Volkanovski for a fourth time, Holloway has suggested that he will continue to take contender matches to remain relevant. After his loss against Dustin Poirier for the interim lightweight title in 2019, Holloway hinted on the postfight show that he could consider making the move up to lightweight.

Why not, if there is a lightweight route to get there? – Holloway.

Allen (19-2) lost for the first time in 12 fights. The boxer, who was born in England, hadn’t lost a match since 2014. Allen, now 29 years old, has just defeated Calvin Kattar by technical knockout (injury) in October of 2017.

Allen said, “To put it simply, Max Holloway motivates me. For the record, he is my favorite human being.”

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What is Max Holloway’s fighting style?

Max Holloway is known for his powerful punches and great speed, which help him keep up a fast pace throughout his fights.

What is Max Holloway’s nickname?

Max Holloway’s nickname is “Blessed,” which he says shows how thankful he is for his life and his fighting career.

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