Packers lost another game in NFL 2022

Packers lost again

Packers lost: With 5 minutes and 21 seconds left, Aaron Rodgers’ fourth-down pass to Allen Lazard arrived in no place. The fans booed. The game was finished. Most likely the season, as well. The Green Bay Packers were defeated by the Tennessee Titans 27-17 on Thursday night. Last week’s triumph over the Dallas Cowboys, to utilize a Ron Wolf state, was only a fart in the breeze. Green Bay tumbled to 4-7. Indeed, even with the fair center of the NFC, the Packers’ season finisher trusts appear to be unthinkably lengthy, regardless of what the standings will propose toward the weekend’s end.

Packers lost another game
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“Incredibly disheartened right now to give a show like that,” coach Matt LaFleur said. “I just, I don’t actually have the foggiest idea what to say. It was nothing similar to a couple of days prior and that is the reason you’re just basically as great as your last game and each time you step out on that field you must go out and do it.”

Green Bay’s defense should be the strength of the group. It hasn’t been, particularly with the season on the line. After the Packers pulled inside 15-9 to begin the last part, the Titans drove down the field for a score. At the point when the Packers addressed that score with their very own score, the Titans zoomed down the field with the solution to take a 27-17 lead on the principal play of the final quarter.

The defense at long last locked in yet the Green Bay offense went three-and-out, three-and-out and fourth-and-out. The remainder of those belongings began at the Titans’ 43-yard line and drew out the boobirds, who had been tricked into accepting the Packers were alive after the additional time prevail upon Dallas. It was only a terrible evening, all things considered,” LaFleur said.

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The ball-hoarding Titans drove 14-6 at halftime. Tennessee drove 171-96 in yards, 38-20 in plays, and 19:25 to 10:35 in the season of ownership. Running back Derrick Henry had 18 touches (and one pass) and Ryan Tannehill tossed 18 passes – practically matching Green Bay’s ‘ whole play count. Green Bay’s just touchdown came on a free play. With Rodgers getting the Titans with 12 defenders on the field, he tossed a leap ball to youngster Christian Watson, who made a jumping get over cornerback Kristian Fulton for a 14-yard score. The snap was low and Bricklayer Crosby’s additional point was obstructed by Denico Autry.

The Green Bay Packers pulled inside 14-9 to begin the final part however the Titans stretched out the benefit to 20-9 because of a couple of cautious breakdowns and a stunt play. In the first place, the cautious miscues: On second-and-7 from the 12, Green Bay’s ‘ weak pass rush at long last got to Tannehill yet it didn’t make any difference since no one tried to cover tight end Chig Okonkwo, who made a tumbling get for an increase of 31.

One play later, the Titans ran a flawlessly executed screen to Derrick Henry, with the husky back getting steam with each step in transit to an increase of 42 to the 9. Henry interspersed the drive, not by running but rather by tossing. Henry took the handoff, avoided the line, and flicked a pass to tight end, Austin Hooper. Significantly, or so it appeared, the additional point hit the upstanding, keeping it an 11-point game.

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The Packers pulled inside three on Rodgers’ subsequent touchdown pass of the night to Watson, an 8-yarder off play-activity fakes to AJ Dillon and Randall Cobb. The 2-point play, a flip to Aaron Jones that was keyed by a big deal block by close end Robert Tonyan, carried the Packers inside 20-17 with 2:04 left in the second from the last quarter. An inclusion bust left Robert Woods open for 32 and Tannehill tossed a 16-yard score pass to Hooper on the primary play of the final quarter to stretch out the lead to 27-17 Packers lost. Then, at that point, Green Bay’s offense went into the kind of funk that has been the subject throughout the season.


In NFL 22-23, how many times did Packers lose?

6 times.

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