R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss USA, was named Miss Universe

On Saturday night, R’Bonney Gabriel, who hails from the United States, was given the title of Miss Universe for the 71st time.

R’Bonney Gabriel, who was a Miss USA, was named Miss Universe

R’Bonney Gabriel, who won the title of Miss USA a year ago, making her history as the first Filipina-American to do so, beat out Amanda Dudamel from Venezuela and Andrena Martinez from the Dominican Republic to take home the top prize.

R'Bonney Gabriel, who was a Miss USA, was named Miss Universe
Image Source: R’Bonney Gabriel (Instagram)

The competition took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, and featured 84 contestants from all over the world. The winner was crowned Miss Universe. The competition came to an end on Saturday night, with the number of finalists being cut down to just two as a result of eliminations that took place throughout the day. When R’Bonney Gabriel made it into the top five, she was questioned about it “In a recent move toward greater inclusivity, the Miss Universe pageant will now accept applications from mothers and married women. What other kinds of changes would you like to see, and why do you want to see them?”

In her response, R’Bonney Gabriel expressed the hope that the competition’s organizers would raise the age limit for candidates. I think the age limit should be raised considering that I’m now 28 years old. That is the maximum age allowed for participation. And I believe that it is a very lovely thing. If not now, then when? is a great sentence that I often use as a quotation. Simply because I am a woman and I do not believe that our ages define us. It is neither yesterday nor tomorrow; rather, it is the present moment. Right now is extremely important, she remarked.

R’Bonney Gabriel is a model, fashion designer, and sewing instructor who places a strong emphasis on preserving the natural world in her work. She has called the Houston area home since birth.

R’Bonney Gabriel wore an orange-red cape that she had self-dyed and that bore the inscription “if not now, then when.” The cape was modeled after a phoenix rising from the ashes and bore the phrase “if not now, then when.” The words were influenced by the guidance that her father gave her to take action on her ambitions, dreams, and wishes.

During the last question and answer session of the pageant, the three finalists were asked about the steps they would take, should they be victorious, to promote the image of Miss Universe as an organization that is both empowering and progressive.

R’Bonney Gabriel stated that she would use the platform to be a “transformational leader,” and she emphasized her passion as a force for good in the fashion industry by reducing the amount of pollution that is caused by the manufacturing of clothing pieces, as well as by using recycled materials.

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“Women who have escaped abusive relationships or situations of human trafficking are the students in the sewing classes that I teach. And I say that because it is so vital to make investments in other people and our community, as well as to make use of your one-of-a-kind skills to have a positive impact on the planet, R’Bonney Gabriel stated. It’s been said that we can all make a difference in the lives of the people around us if we share the unique qualities we each possess with them.

After tycoon and transgender rights advocate Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip bought the Miss Universe Organization for $20 million in October, The Thailand-based media distribution company JKN Global Group PCL hosted the contest for the first time this year. JKN Global Group PCL organized the pageant for the first time this year.

In addition to being the first transgender woman to own the pageant, Jakkaphong has been very vocal about her experiences as a woman who has transitioned genders. She made an appearance onstage to present the ImpactWayv Challenge trophy to the winner, Anna Sueangam-iam of Thailand, in recognition of her dedication to the advancement of social causes.

The dress that Miss Thailand wore in the preliminary rounds of the pageant, which was made of soda tabs, caused quite a stir. The dress was a tribute to Miss Thailand’s humble beginnings and to the work that her parents did as garbage collectors.

Crowning Moment of Miss Universe 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel (Video) Watch Now


Who are the parents of R’Bonney Gabriel?

R’Bonney Gabriel of the United States of America has been crowned Miss Universe 2023. She has an American mom and a Filipina dad, and she was born in Houston, Texas. Her Filipino father’s name is Remigio Bonzon, and her American mom’s name is Dana Walker (American).

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