The Boston Celtics beat the New Orleans Pelicans, becoming the first club this season to win 30 games

The Boston Celtics beat the New Orleans Pelicans

The Boston Celtics are the first club in the NBA this season to reach 30 victories after their victory over the New Orleans Pelicans at TD Garden in Boston on Wednesday night. The final score was 125-114 in favor of the Celtics. The stars of the squad, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are to be given a big share of the credit for this triumph. The two players combined for 72 points, which allowed them to lead the team in scoring.

The Boston Celtics beat the New Orleans Pelicans
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The Boston Celtics have now won four games in a row thanks to Brown’s season-high 41 points and Tatum’s 31 points and 10 rebounds. This was the fourth consecutive win for the Celtics.

Brown specifically attacked the Pelicans from the mid-range, crediting the additional muscle he added in the offseason for allowing him to handle contact with bigger opponents, to the extent that he is making an active choice to avoid playing it safe by only making long shots. Brown’s performance against the Pelicans was highlighted by his ability to handle contact with larger opponents. [Here’s a good example:] The game that Brown had such a good performance in was the first round of the NBA playoffs. It was played against the Pelicans. [This is a prime example]

Brown reportedly told reporters after the game, “I think I can go to the rim at a good rate this year.” This information comes from the official website of the Boston Celtics basketball team.” I don’t want to let the defense off the hook, but I’m satisfied with a good portion of the shots I took from beyond the three-point line. While we took care of some of them, we haven’t gotten around to the others yet. Nevertheless, despite this, I am confident that during the remaining games of the season, I will make it a top priority to get into a position where I have a better view of the basket.

Al Horford, a forward with the Boston Celtics, provided further elaboration on the idea by stating, “When (Brown) drives, I get the impression that other people are affected. The moment he strikes you while he’s driving is the instant you realize it’s for real. It’s amazing to see him play at that level because it’s encouraging to see him play at that level and It is quite exciting to see someone play at that level if you know that they are going to attack the paint as he does.

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It was Brown’s sixth 40-point game of his career, which moved him over Sam Jones and Isaiah Thomas for the sixth-most in Boston Celtics history. Brown is currently the sixth-leading scorer for the Celtics all-time. The Celtics presently have Brown ranked as their sixth-leading scorer on the team. It is possible that the current success of the Boston Celtics can be linked to the collaborative efforts of the three players, specifically the two wing players, Tatum, and Tatum himself.

Even though they were eliminated from the NBA Finals by the Golden State Warriors the previous year, the team is once again considered to be one of the best in the league. This is even though the Golden State Warriors won the championship. Brown and Tatum became the first Celtics players since Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker in 2001 to reach that stat line by each tallying at least 30 points and 10 rebounds in the same game for the Boston Celtics. This accomplishment was accomplished by Brown and Tatum in the same game. Both Brown and Tatum accomplished this feat by grabbing at least 10 rebounds and scoring at least 30 points in the same game.

Brown and Tatum were able to work together to develop an understanding of how to break down defenses because they were both selected with the third overall choice in their respective draughts one year after one another. Brown was selected in 2016, and Tatum was selected in 2017. Both of these events allowed them to be selected one year after one another. After the game’s conclusion, it was reported that Horford had this to say about the dynamic duo: “They continue to improve in front of our eyes.” “They feed off of one another’s enthusiasm, which is the driving force behind the success of our group,”

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