The Chiefs beat the Raiders in the season finale, ensuring themselves the AFC’s top seed

Chiefs beat the Raiders

Chris Jones, a defensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs, capped off a successful regular season in impressive fashion. On Saturday night, he recorded 15.5 sacks for the season, which could put him in the top five after the season is through and all teams have been ranked. The quarterback of the Las Vegas Raiders, Jarrett Stidham, was sacked a total of 2.5 times by him.

Chiefs beat the Raiders
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However, it was not what made Jones happy during the Chiefs’ victory over the Raiders by a score of 31-13 at Allegiant Stadium, which ensured that the Chiefs would receive the top playoff seed in the AFC. It was the idea of having a whole week off.

“We came into it with intention, understanding what was at risk and what we were fighting for,” said Jones. “The most important thing is that we were victorious in the game. Therefore, we will get a week off before the start of the playoffs.

The Chiefs, who are the top seed in the AFC and with a record of 14-3, will be the only club in the conference to receive a first-round bye. In the first game of the divisional round, which will take place at Arrowhead Stadium in two weeks, they will begin their postseason play. The National Football League altered some of its playoff seeding rules in response to the postponement of Monday’s game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills. As a result, the Bills no longer have a lock on the right to host the AFC Championship Game, even if they make it to that point.

It is possible that the game could be played at a neutral location under particular conditions. However, if the Bills lose to the Patriots on Sunday, the game would be moved to Kansas City because the Chiefs would have advanced to the next round in that scenario.

The Chiefs were content with their bye week for the time being, at least. Since Week 8 of the regular season, which is more than two months ago, they haven’t had a break in their schedule.

Andy Reid, the Chiefs’ head coach, stated that the team intended to put in some work in the weight room during their bye week but also take some time off. “In response to a question about what he plans to say to the players, Reid stated, “Just take a step back and get yourself to where you feel better and healthier.” “You still have a responsibility to see to the work at hand. Our people are able to comprehend that.

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Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Chiefs, has never competed in an AFC playoff game at a venue other than Arrowhead Stadium. Every one of his nine playoff games leading up to a Super Bowl has taken place in Kansas City. This includes the championship game. In those games, the Chiefs had a record of 7-2, and both of their losses came in overtime.

When the Chiefs get together for the first day of training camp each year, according to Mahomes, they set three goals for themselves. The first objective is to capture the title of AFC West champion, which the Kansas City Chiefs were able to do this year for the eighth year in a row thanks to their victory over the Houston Texans in Week 15. The second objective is to secure the number one playoff seed in the AFC. The third objective is to emerge victorious in the Super Bowl.

This season, the Chiefs’ dominating performance versus AFC West opponents helped propel them to the top of the American Football Conference standings. During his career, Mahomes has a record of 27-3 against opponents from other divisions, including a perfect 16-0 mark away from home.

“When I first arrived at this place, one of the things that were drilled into my head was that our primary concern would be the teams that we would face in the AFC West. “We think that we play in the best division in football, if not the best division overall, and because of this, we are well aware that if we are able to take care of business in the AFC West, it will put us in the position to be where we want to be at the end of the year.

The Kansas City Chiefs have participated in the American Football Conference Championship Game in each of the past four seasons. They are the top seed in the American Football Conference for the third time in the last five years.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders Highlights (Video) Watch Now


From 2013 to 2021, how many wins and losses have the Chiefs had?

The Chiefs have done much better in recent years. From 2013 to 2021, they had a 112–49 record (including the postseason) and more wins than losses every year.

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