Donald Trump will make a historic court appearance in New York

In advance of his historic criminal trial, former US President Donald Trump has been meeting lawyers at Trump Tower in New York City.

Donald Trump in New York

To a pornstar who claims they had sex shortly before the 2016 election, he allegedly paid hush money. His word is not to blame.

Donald Trump in New York
Donald Trump (Image Source: Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Authorities anticipate demonstrations outside the Manhattan court on Tuesday, so they’ve put in place extra security precautions.

Mr. Trump, at age 76, is the oldest former US president to be charged with a crime.

The Republican tweeted “WITCH HUNT” on his Truth Social platform on Monday, just before making the trip from Florida to New York, which was covered extensively by US media outlets.

Teams of police officers, court officers, as well as Secret Service personnel will accompany Mr. Trump on his Tuesday morning journey through New York City to the Lower Manhattan court complex.

At the hearing, which is set to begin at 14:15 GMT, all of the charges against him will be laid out in detail (19:15 BST). His legal team has already stated that he will enter a not-guilty plea.

The first place the ex-president will likely turn himself in is at Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s office. The charges against him will subsequently be read in court, and he will enter a plea.

Before the 2016 election, Mr. Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen allegedly sent $130,000 (£105,000) to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Mr. Trump has often denied having any sexual contact with Ms. Daniels.

Although hush money agreements themselves are not criminal, a Manhattan prosecutor is looking into whether or not the payment was used to falsify corporate documents.

US media have reported that Mr. Trump is being investigated for at least one felony related to this matter. His indictment reportedly includes around 30 counts.

The legal team for Donald T. argued that allowing cameras into the courtroom would “create a circus-like environment during the arraignment,” and hence opposed the request made to Judge Juan Merchan by the media.

On Monday night, however, Judge Merchan decided to allow press photographers to shoot images for a few minutes before the arraignment begins.

After posting bail and returning to Mar-a-Lago in Florida on Tuesday evening, the ex-president is scheduled to speak at 20:15 local time.

His Monday lunchtime departure from Palm Beach for New York City was watched by millions.

Throughout the nearly four-hour journey from West Palm Beach to LaGuardia Airport in Queens, live trackers followed his plane, which was painted in red, white, and blue with “Trump” in giant lettering on the side.

New Yorkers and visitors alike flocked to the crossroads near Trump Tower, the former president’s apartment in Manhattan, in anticipation of his arrival.

At least five news helicopters hovered high above Fifth Avenue, and dozens of media teams had set up shop on every accessible corner.

Mr. Trump entered the high-rise building shortly after 16:15 local time, waving to the throng and the journalists as he did so (20:15 GMT).

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The former campaign chairman Paul Manafort is said to have spent Monday night at Trump Tower speaking with legal experts, including white-collar criminal defense lawyer and ex-federal prosecutor Todd White.

Since last week’s release of the allegations against Mr. Donald T., his team claims that he has raised over $8 million for his 2024 White House campaign.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams called on any prospective “rabble-rousers” to “control yourselves” at a press conference on Monday.

On Tuesday, Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene will host a pro-Trump rally in the area around the courthouse.

Officials in New York claim that there has been no influx of demonstrators to the city in recent days, in contrast to the days leading up to the Capitol riot in 2021 by Trump supporters.

On Monday, while attending an event in Minnesota, Vice President Joe Biden reassured reporters, “I have faith in the New York Police Department.”

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