Tyre Nichols death: 5 Memphis police officers fired

Tyre Nichols death: According to a post on the department’s verified Twitter account, the Memphis Police Department has terminated the employment of five police officers in connection with the death of Tyre Nichols, He was hospitalized after being arrested earlier this month and later died. Nichols was taken into custody by police earlier this month.

Tyre Nichols death

In a statement, Police Chief Carolyn “CJ” Davis noted that “the heinous nature of this incident is not a reflection of the wonderful work our officers undertake, with integrity every day.”

Tyre Nichols death
Tyre Nichols

The chief has stated that investigators working on an internal assessment of the arrest uncovered evidence that the officers violated policies regarding the use of force, the obligation to intervene, and the duty to offer aid. According to a statement released by their solicitors, the Tyre Nichols family has expressed that they are content with the terminations.

“We concur with the Dept’s choice to end the 5 police officers engaged with Tire’s horrendous passing. According to attorneys Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci, “This is the first step towards securing justice for Tyre and his family.” “They also need to answer for the fact that they took this man’s life and deprived his son of a father,” said the prosecutor.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating to determine whether or not the actions of the officers constituted criminal behavior.

While the criminal investigation is ongoing, the Memphis Police Association will not comment on the discharge of officers involved in the Tyre Nichols case, according to a statement released by the police officers’ union. Officer terminations in the Tyre Nichols case are not something the Memphis Police Association will discuss. “Memphis residents, and Mr. Nichols’ family in particular, deserve to know all the details surrounding his death and the factors that may have contributed to it.,” said Mr. Nichols’ attorney. “There can be no further postpone in starting the examination of Tyre Nichols case.”

In addition, the United States Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Inquiry have started a civil rights investigation. The police department announced on January 8 that officers had pulled over a driver the day before for driving in an unsafe manner. Officials added in a statement that was shared on social media that “when officers approached the driver of the vehicle, a confrontation erupted, and the suspect left the area on foot” when referring to the incident.

According to the police, officers pursued the suspect and made another attempt to take him into custody before the suspect was finally detained. However, another confrontation took place before the culprit was captured.

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“Tyre Nichols’ reports of chest trouble were what ultimately led to the dispatching of emergency services. The suspect was in critical condition when they carried him to St. Francis Hospital, according to the officials.

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the man, who has been identified as Nichols, passed just a few days after the incident.

There is currently no information available regarding the injuries that Nichols sustained or the circumstances surrounding his passing. News Media has attempted to get in touch with the coroner for Shelby County. Officials from the city stated on Tuesday that the video record captured by the officer’s body-worn cameras will be made available to the public following the conclusion of the internal inquiry conducted by the police department and after the family has had the opportunity to watch the recordings.

On Friday, Crump stated that the family will be allowed to view the tape “in the coming days.” A news conference will take place on Monday afternoon when he and the family plan to hold it.

Memphis police fires 5 officers for their involvement in Tyre Nichols’ death (Video) Watch Now


Who was responsible for Tyre Nichols’s death?

All five policemen have been named: Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr., and Justin Smith.

What is Tyre Nichols’s cause of death?

Tyre Nichols suffered cardiac arrest and kidney failure after being beaten by police officers.

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