Why Cara Delevingne declined Martin Brundle’s invitation for an F1 interview

The decision by Cara Delevingne to decline an interview at the British Grand Prix has been addressed.

Cara Delevingne explains

After declining Martin Brundle of Sky Sports’ Formula One host to speak with them on the grid walk on Sunday, July 9, the model and actor caused controversy.

Brundle frequently makes headlines for his attempts to interact with celebrities who attend the Grand Prix. He addresses the drivers, the team captains, and the VIPs.

When he saw Cara Delevingne, he tried to ask her some questions but was told not to by someone he thought was a member of her staff.

He replied, “She doesn’t want to talk? But the current arrangement is for everyone to communicate via the grid. He then asked Delevingne for a “quick chat,” to which she responded “No” and apologized for her inability to hear.

Brundle gave up and turned to go, saying sarcastically, “Oh well, I’m sure it would have been extremely interesting.”

Delevingne’s actions drew criticism from many, but she also received a lot of online support from her followers. In her response to one such word of encouragement, Delevingne expressed gratitude to the sender for “seeing both sides.”

In addition, she gave a justification for turning down Brundle’s request for an interview, saying, “I was told to say no so I did.” Delevingne added that she received this directive from an “F1 representative” rather than her agent.

According to Cara Delevingne, “Whatever the case, I had a great time today and felt quite fortunate to be there.”

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The “Martin Brundle clause” is a new F1 regulation that requires any celebrities on the starting grid to leave their security detail in November 2021.

At the time, Brundle claimed that “new rules had been introduced, which require any celebrities on the grid to no longer have security.” The ‘Brundle clause,’ I suppose, compels them to speak with me. Truth be told, I kind of appreciate it if they ignore me.

Formula 1 confirmed to PlanetF1 in response to Brundle’s remarks about the new procedure: “Celebrities aren’t required to do interviews while on the grid, but security entourages are now no more allowed on there.”

The regulation was put into place as a result of Brundle’s absurd encounter with American rapper Meghan Thee Stallion, whose “WAP” performer ignored Brundle’s queries and caused the encounter to go viral online. Brundle was then pushed aside by her bodyguard who had intervened.

Hannah Waddingham, a star of Ted Lasso, made what appeared to be a loaded remark about Sir Lewis Hamilton elsewhere at the Silverstone event.

Even though British racing driver Lewis Hamilton has only won the World Championship of Drivers seven times, Waddingham referred to him as an “eight-time champion.”

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