Aaron Judge is going home for the holidays, so the rumors can start, amazing news 2022

Aaron Judge is going home for the holidays

Aaron Judge is going home: Aaron Judge was seen in the area of San Francisco on Tuesday, which wouldn’t normally be a big deal since he lives about 95 miles away in Linden. However, it’s Thanksgiving week, when a lot of people travel, and the news is full of stories about it. “Just visiting some family and friends, that’s about it,” Judge said in a video posted by MLB Network on Twitter Monday night. He was carrying a backpack and two small bags, just like any other holiday traveler.

Aaron Judge is going home
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But this time, Judge is not only free to go wherever he wants, but as of six days after the Astros won their second World Series, he is also free to sign with any team. This means that in theory, 29 other teams could sign him, but in reality, only a few teams, like the Giants, who seem willing to spend money and are definitely interested in the biggest name in free agency, are likely to do so. This time has been coming together for about six months.

Since Judge turned down the Yankees’ offer of a $213.5 million contract extension back on April 8—so long ago that the Nets’ biggest concern at the time was whether they would get a play-in spot, not what would happen to them now—there has been a lot of talk about him going to another city and meeting with another team.

Since general manager Brian Cashman told anyone who wanted to listen in a press conference room and anyone who reads social media after that about the exact details of the offer, it’s clear that the team isn’t interested. It was a move made by the Yankees to keep the information from getting out because they knew the details would get out sooner or later.

It could also be seen as the Yankees attempting to play defence. If it fails to work out, they might say, “Well, we tried.” But the Yankees are now at a point where trying means making a deal that starts with the number 3, like $300 million or more. Because of what happened over the next six months, when Judge went on a home run chase that ended with him hitting 62 home runs.

Along the way, it seemed like time stopped. Judge stayed at the number 60 for almost a week. After he hit his 60th home run in the ninth inning to beat Pittsburgh, fans were excited for every at-bat after that, and they were sure that his agent would have more power when he became a free agent.

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His agency could use the fact that his client’s at-bats bring people to the games and get people watching, even if they were watching college football at the time and didn’t change the channel. As for any talks with the Yankees, the most he said was that he had met with Hal Steinbrenner during his MVP conference call on Thursday.

“So far, so good,” Judge said. “After the season, Hal and I had some good talks. I’m really excited to get this whole process of free agency going. It’s not something that a lot of baseball players get to do, being able to sort of choose where they want to go… It will be a fun process that both my family and I will enjoy.”

So far, we don’t know what was said because Judge often doesn’t say much, just like another former Yankee who signed a 10-year, $189 million contract in 1999. The most important comments came from Anthony Rizzo. In a conference call last week to announce that he was re-signing, the first baseman talked about how he felt about Judge, with whom he has become close.

Steinbrenner’s father re-signed revered centre fielder Bernie Williams at the last minute around Thanksgiving in 1998, keeping him from joining the Boston Red Sox and making the Yankees switch to Albert Belle. “I’ve made it very clear that I would like Aaron Judge to be a Yankee for the whole of his life,” “Steinbrenner stated last week in New York at a meeting of team owners. “There’s no doubt about it. He is aware of it.” In the meantime, everyone knows that Judge is spending the holidays with his family in his hometown, like millions of other people. Just that not everyone is in demand after a 62-homer season in the right field.

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