Walmart Mass Shooting: Andre Bing, 31, killed six people at Walmart and himself

Walmart Mass Shooting

Walmart Mass Shooting: The gunman who allegedly killed six people at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, before turning the pistol on himself has been identified as the store’s night manager. Andre Bing, 31, is accused of opening fire with a pistol in the store’s break area on Tuesday night. Six people were slain in Tuesday’s incident, including a 21-year-old coworker, before Bing reportedly shot and killed himself with his own gun, authorities said. Two of his suspected victims were found dead in the store break room.

Walmart Mass Shooting
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Survivors said the 31-year-old had “problems” with other employees before the incident. Walmart revealed the gunman’s identity on Wednesday. Authorities have verified many deaths in our Chesapeake, Virginia business. We’re focusing on supporting our employees and their families. A corporate spokeswoman identified the suspect as Andre Bing. “He was a Walmart employee. Andre was our overnight team lead since 2010. We’re thankful for local first rescuers and will continue to work with law enforcement.”

A witness who had been employed at the business for just 5 days before Tuesday’s massacre said Bing had “problems” with other supervisors. She told 10 On Your Side she believed the shooting was intentional and that the suspect laughed during the incident. She stated 14 employees were ready to go on shift when the shooting occurred, and he appeared to target other bosses.

Jessie Wilczewski said the gunman appeared to spare her. She ducked under a table during Walmart Mass Shooting. She said Bing pointed his revolver at her. Instead of shooting, he told her to leave.

Briana Tyler, another Walmart employee, told Good Morning America the gunman was “notorious.” His problems with others were perpetual, but I had no idea they would escalate to this point. Everyone talked about him, she said. Ms. Tyler, who fled unharmed, claimed Bing didn’t say a word as he started shooting. She claimed, “I took a look and my manager walked in the door and fired.” She said she didn’t think the culprit targeted specific people, only the first person “in his sights,” during the Walmart mass shooting.

She described seeing “several individuals just tumble down on the floor” as they ducked for cover or were shot: “He just just started shooting across the entire break room.” He didn’t utter a word. He turned and began firing. “He shot the very first guy in his sights, then blasted the whole lunch room without uttering a word,” during Walmart mass shooting.

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In a press conference Wednesday morning, authorities confirmed that the shooter was a frustrated male store employee. Police released Bing’s photo and identity hours later. His web record displays no criminal history. It’s unclear if Bing bought the weapon lawfully. Pictures of the suspect’s home after the incident show a damaged front door. Chief Mark Solesky of the Chesapeake Police Department stated that the residence had been “cleared” during the search, which confirmed that there was “no continuing risk to the public.”

Tuesday night at 10:12, police were alerted to a retail shooting. First officers arrived at 10.14pm and walked into the store at 10.16pm. Chief Solesky reported that officers had located the subject, who had shot himself, and deemed the area secure.

Walmart mass shooting killed and injured several others. Three people, including the shooter, were discovered dead in the store’s break room. Three other victims died in the hospital. Six more survivors were transferred to hospitals. City of Chesapeake says one person is in critical condition.

Tyneka Johnson, 21, a store clerk, was one of the casualties. Johnson’s family posted a heartfelt plea for aid on Facebook after hearing about the shooting. My little cousin is missing. Family member: “She works at Walmart.” All must know if she’s secure. This post helps find Tyneka Johnson. Nope. Please!” family tweeted a heartbroken photo of the 21-year-old hours later. She was “the nicest girl who never troubled anyone,” according to a relative who reported her death on Wednesday. In the Walmart parking lot where she was killed during Walmart mass shooting, a makeshift monument was placed. Four survivors are hospitalised with uncertain ailments.

President Joe Biden speech on Walmart Mass Shooting

President Joe Biden has spoken out against the attack, which occurred just two days before Thanksgiving. There will be more empty chairs at Thanksgiving dinners around the country this year, he warned, because of yet another tragic and pointless act of violence.

Other Mass Shooting

The latest mass shooting to shake the United States occurred on Saturday night when a gunman opened fire at an LGBT+ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Anderson Lee Aldrich killed 5 and injured 17 at Club Q in Colorado Springs on Saturday. Heroic clubgoers tackled and restrained the shooter until police arrived. Derrick Rump, Daniel Aston, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh, and Raymond Vance were killed.

On 13 November, three top footballers from the University of Virginia were murdered and shot as they returned from a field trip. Christopher Darnell Jones Jr., 22, opened fire on the bus. Lavel Davis Jr., D’Sean Perry, and Devin Chandler were slain; two others survived. Mr. Jones was charged with murder the next day.

2019 saw another horrific shooting at a Walmart. El Paso, Texas, store shooting kills 23 people.

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