Carlos Correa signs a massive 13-year contract with the Giants

Carlos Correa signs a contract with the Giants

Finally, the Giants got their star player Carlos Correa.

Carlos Correa signs a contract with the Giants
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Mark Feinsand of heard from a source that the Giants won the Carlos Correa sweepstakes when they agreed to a 13-year, $350 million deal with the star shortstop. This came after the Giants failed to sign the current American League MVP. The deal has a full no-trade clause and no way to back out. The club hasn’t said anything about the move.

The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal said earlier Tuesday night that the Mets were making a bid for Carlos Correa. This likely pushed the Giants to move quickly to make this deal happen. The Twins were also one of the last teams to talk about the deal.

Carlos Correa’s arrival will be the start of a new era for the Giants. After Buster Posey retires in 2021, they were looking for a new face for the team. They were interested in Aaron Judge before he decided to go back to the Yankees. Correa’s deal is by far the biggest in the team’s history, even more, significant than Posey’s nine-year, $167 million contract, which he signed in March 2013. It was also worth more than Francisco Lindor’s $341 million deal, which was the biggest deal ever for a shortstop, and it was the same length as Bryce Harper’s deal, which was the longest deal ever for a free agent.

Carlos Correa’s decision to opt out of the last two years of the three-year, $105.3 million deal he signed with the Twins before the 2022 season didn’t come as a surprise because he had made it clear from the beginning that he wanted a long-term commitment from a team that he could call home and help grow for the rest of his career.

He didn’t find that in Minnesota, but he has now found it in San Francisco

On the field, Carlos Correa was the same steady player he had been for the first seven years of his career when he played on the left side of the infield for Houston. In some ways, he was even better. In 2022, when hitting was hard, he had his best batting average since 2017. He hit.291/.366/.467 with 22 home runs and 24 doubles, which helped him match his offensive bWAR of 5.2 from the year before.

Even though Trea Turner, Dansby Swanson, and Xander Bogaerts were in the same shortstop class as Carlos Correa, his bat stood out. Last season, he had the best wRC+ of any shortstop who was eligible.

In fact, Carlos Correa’s 39.5 career WAR is just behind Nomar Garciaparra and Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. for the sixth most by a primary shortstop in AL/NL history. Correa’s career is going very well, and he’s only 28 years old, so he has a lot of time left to be at his best.

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Carlos Correa’s time in Houston was marked by worries about his ability to stay on the field. However, he has averaged 142 games played in the last two seasons, with only a case of COVID-19 and a bruised finger from being hit by a pitch keeping him off the field.

But his value on the field was only a shadow of what he was really worth, as the Twins quickly found out. Within a short period of time, Carlos Correa was recognized as the team captain in Minnesota. He had an analytical and curious mind and a lot of charisma. He was able to connect with both the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking parts of the team and earned respect for his attitude and preparation.

Carlos Correa knew he might only be with the Twins for one year, but he still cared about the team’s long-term future in every way. He helped develop younger players, coached the defense around him while playing shortstop, and told management and the front office what he wanted in terms of trades and team composition at the Trade Deadline.

Now that he’s with the Giants, he’ll try to be a key player in the team’s future, and he’ll be there to see it through.

Carlos Correa is a star player who will add much-needed star power to a Giants team that will have to compete with two heavyweights in the National League West: the Dodgers and Padres. After winning a franchise-record 107 games in 2021, San Francisco dropped to.500 and improved its team by re-signing Joc Pederson and bringing in Mitch Haniger, Sean Manaea, and Ross Stripling as starters.

There are still some holes to fill, especially in the bullpen, but the Giants’ big move should help them close the gap with the other teams in their division.

The Giants’ decision to sign Carlos Correa will be complicated by the fact that it raises questions about Brandon Crawford, who has won four Gold Glove Awards. Crawford has been with the Giants the longest and is the only player left from the team’s championship years. He has only ever played shortstop in the Majors, but he is coming off a bad season and is in the last year of his contract.

Gabe Kapler said last week that he hadn’t talked to Crawford about a possible position change. However, it seems likely that the 35-year-old veteran will be asked to move to second or third base to make room for Carlos Correa, who won the Platinum Glove as the league’s best defender in 2021.

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How much is the contract for Carlos Correa?

$350 million

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