In the Cardinals’ loss to the Patriots, quarterback Kyler Murray was carted off the field with a knee injury

Kyler Murray injured

Three plays into Monday night’s game against the Patriots, Kyler Murray scrambled in an attempt to gain extra yards.

Kyler Murray injured
Kyler Murray injured Image Source: Getty Images

It was the final play of the season, and probably the final play of the quarterback’s career, and the hardest blow of a year full of them.

Without being touched, Kyler Murray went down and stayed down; this is a bad sign. He went out of the game with a knee injury to his right leg, and coach Kliff Kingsbury acknowledged the obvious without going into detail.

Kingsbury said, “It doesn’t look good” after the Cardinals’ 27-13 loss to the Patriots, which was hardly the main story. In the morning, we’ll have more information.

“I’ve never seen him in that type of (emotional) shape so I assumed it wasn’t good,” Kingsbury said of his post-injury field check on Murray.

By the time Kingsbury addressed the media after the game, reports from multiple outlets indicated that Kyler Murray had torn his ACL, which is unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence after a non-contact play. Kyler Murray, who ESPN reported was in tears as he was carted off the field on “Monday Night Football,” will have an MRI on Tuesday, but the reality is that Colt McCoy is expected to be the Cardinals’ starter for the final four games of the season, and Kyler Murray would have to have significant rehab of some sort.

McCoy has stressed the importance of the team coming together to finish the final four games. That is where my attention is going to be directed.

Kyler Murray is in a bad spot. The two years we’ve spent together have flown by. Every day this week, we’ve spent time together. I hope that never happens. I’ve seen firsthand how committed he is and how hard he trains for the sport. It’s a real shame. Since I’ve dealt with many similar situations in my career, I feel confident that I can lend him a helping hand.

On Monday, the Cardinals (4-9) were leading the Patriots (7-6), who were vying for a playoff spot, by a score of 13-7. On 4th-and-2 with 36 seconds left before halftime, Kingsbury opted to go for it instead of kicking a 50-yard field goal after Matt Prater had already missed one.

The crest was shattered. On the final play of the first half, the Patriots kicked a field goal to tie the game, and then, early in the second half, linebacker Raekwon McMillan returned a DeAndre Hopkins fumble 23 yards for a touchdown, giving the Patriots a lead they would not relinquish.

The buck stops with me,” Hopkins admitted. And from there, things started to go downhill, in my opinion. Achieved their forward motion. This information never stopped coming. Just blame me for that.

Although the play was painful, there were many other errors that were made. Only four of fourteen third downs and one of five fourth downs were successful for the Cardinals. An offensive pass interference negated a 14-yard gain, and two illegal shifts negated 15-yard completions.

The Patriots failed to do much to dispel their image as a defensive-minded team, but it was of little consequence.

Self-inflicted wounds, according to Kingsbury, were “really bad” tonight.

And it wasn’t just Kyler Murray who lost their match. Zach Allen, a member of the defensive line, suffered a hand injury and had to leave the game. After suffering a stinger to the neck, cornerback Marco Wilson had to leave the game.

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The injury to Kyler Murray, however, will have the greatest effect, both immediately and in the long run.

It’s difficult, Kingsbury admitted. There is no uncertainty. It’s tough to watch teams go through it every week, but losing your starting quarterback on the third play of the game due to a non-contact injury is especially frustrating. However, you need the ability to bounce back and continue playing.

After a successful opening drive in which Kyler Murray completed a pass to running back James Conner for nine yards and Conner added another six yards on the ground, the Cardinals found themselves up 9–0. Kyler Murray backed off, became disoriented, and the tides shifted.

Left tackle Josh Jones has said of him, “He controls the offence.” “That guy is a total loon out there; he’s capable of incredible things. It hurts to lose him so soon. I really hope he’s all right.

Unfortunately, it appears that is not the case.

Hopkins expressed pain, saying, “Kyler put a lot into this.” I feel terrible that this has happened to him because he has been working so hard to recover from his hamstring injury.

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How did Kyler Murray get injured?

Kyler Murray suffered a non-contact knee injury.

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