Famous Actor Lance Kerwin Passed Away at 62

Lance Kerwin, an actor best known for his roles in the television series “James at 15” and the Stephen King miniseries “Salem’s Lot,” in which he played the role of a young man who grows up to fight vampires, passed away on Tuesday in San Clemente, California. He was 62. According to Savanah, his daughter, an autopsy is currently being performed to ascertain the underlying cause of death.

Lance Kerwin Passed Away

Lance Kerwin began his career as an actor when he was a child and is best known for the roles he played on television and in films, including the television movie “The Boy Who Drank Too Much.” During the second season, “James at 15” was changed to “James at 16.”

Lance Kerwin Passed Away
Lance Kerwin Passed Away (Image Source: The US Sun/Google)

Both “James at 15” and “James at 16” featured Lance Kerwin in the role of James Hunter. The story of a young adolescent boy who was intrigued with photography and had to travel from Oregon to Massachusetts with his family in the 1977 sitcom “James at 15,” which had its world premiere at that time. After airing an episode in which James participates in premarital intercourse and loses his virginity, the series would eventually meet controversy, which would result in the receipt of thousands of emails protesting the content of the show.

The story of the troubled adolescent would be carried on “James at 16,” which would run on NBC for the 1977–1978 season and consist of 21 episodes. In contrast to the majority of television programs about adolescents broadcast in the 1970s, such as “Happy Days,” which starred performers in their 20s, this series was remarkable for the fact that it tackled contemporary concerns.

Lance Kerwin’s starring role in “James at 15” would convert him become a teenage heartthrob, even though the show only lasted for two seasons. During the 1970s, the teen sensation was admired by millions of girls, which helped him score many cover stories in fan magazines such as Tiger Beat. These magazines catered specifically to female fans.

In an interview that took place in 2019, he discussed the time he spent working with Tobe Hopper on the production of “Salem’s Lot.” He described Hopper as being “in a different league than the other filmmakers, I’d worked with on previous projects.”

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“It was amusing when the vampire child (I believe his identity was Danny Glick) pounded on the bedroom door and demanded entry. Let me in.’ Throughout the entirety of that scenario, the footage was played backward in the camera. We began at the conclusion and made our way back to the beginning, which is when I am still in bed and first open my eyes. That is the reason why it appears as though there is something different…something strange about it. “Because of the way that sequence was shot, the smoke is flowing in a different direction,” he said to the interviewer, Casey Chambers.

The actor who portrayed James in “James @ 15” also had roles in several other 1970s-era TV series and movies. Some of these projects include “Wonder Woman,” “Insight,” “The Family Holvak,” and “Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy.” In the film “Outbreak” from 1995, he played one of his final parts, and in “The Wind and the Reckoning” from the previous year, he made his return to the big screen.

After that, he went on to become a youth pastor in the states of California and Hawaii. Lance Kerwin entered this world on November 6, 1960, at Newport Beach Hospital. He began his career in television when he was a young teenager, making appearances on “Little House on the Prairie,” “Emergency!” and “Cannon.”

Savannah, Fox, Terah, Kailani, and Justus are Lance Kerwin’s children, and they are the only ones he leaves behind.

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Did Lance Kerwin perform on Little House on the Prairie?

Lance Kerwin started his career by appearing in several TV shows, such as “Little House on the Prairie”, “The Bionic Woman” and “Wonder Woman.”

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