Journalist Grant Wahl dies after collapsing at Qatar World Cup 2022

Journalist Grant Wahl dies

Reporters sitting next to Grant Wahl in the press tribune at Lusail Iconic Stadium in the United States stated that Wahl fell back in his seat during extra time. According to the journalists, the emergency services personnel arrived swiftly, and they were later informed that Wahl had passed away.

Grant Wahl dies
Image Source: Grant Wahl (Instagram)

A prominent American soccer journalist, Grant Wahl, was killed early Saturday morning while reporting the World Cup game between Argentina and the Netherlands.

Reporters sitting next to Wahl in the press tribune at Lusail Iconic Stadium in the United States stated that Grant Wahl fell back in his seat during extra time. Reporters reported that first responders arrived shortly and informed them that Wahl had passed away.

On Wednesday, Grant Wahl announced on Twitter that he was celebrating his birthday. His age, according to American journalists who knew him, was 49.

The United States Soccer Federation said in a statement, “We could always rely on Grant to bring intelligent and entertaining tales about our game, and its primary actors.” Grant’s faith in sports as a vehicle for social change has been and will continue to be a motivation for millions. Grant Wahl devoted his life to the sport of soccer, and his passing has left us all heartbroken at the loss of his eloquent voice.

This was Grant Wahl’s eighth World Cup covering the event. On Monday, he posted on his website that he had used one of Qatar’s medical facilities.

The physical demands I had placed on it had ultimately worn it out. What lack of sleep, stress, and overwork for three weeks will do to a person, Wahl wrote. On the night of the USA-Netherlands match, “what had been a cold for the prior 10 days evolved into something more severe,” and I felt a new degree of pressure and discomfort in my upper chest.

Wahl reported in his journal that he had sought medical attention for his symptoms and had tested negative for COVID-19.

I visited the health center in the main media complex today, and they diagnosed me with bronchitis. After taking the antibiotics and cough syrup they gave me, I started to feel better within a few hours. He said, “No Bueno,” nevertheless.

On November 21, Wahl stated that he was denied admittance to the United States vs. Wales World Cup kickoff because he was wearing a rainbow T-shirt in favor of LGBTQ rights. Qatar is a conservative Muslim country that has criminalized gay and lesbian sex.

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According to Grant Wahl’s account, he was detained by security for 25 minutes at the Ahmed Bin Ali stadium in Al Rayyan before being released. According to Wahl, FIFA had apologized to him.

Late on Friday, Ned Price, a spokesperson for the United States Department of State, tweeted, “We were extremely sorry to learn of Grant Wahl’s passing and express our sympathies to his family, with whom we were in closer contact.” We are in communication with high-ranking Qatari officials to facilitate his family’s requests as soon as feasible.

His wife, Dr. Celine Gounder, who was an associate professor at the New York University School of Medicine, an emergency doctor at Bellevue Hospital Center, and a contributor to CBS News, is the only person who will carry on Grant Wahl’s legacy.

Gounder expressed her gratitude to her husband’s “soccer family” and other friends who had contacted out to her via Twitter. I am in total disbelief,” she wrote.

Grant Wahl, who has voted in FIFA’s annual awards before, revealed this week that he was one of 82 journalists recognized by FIFA and the International Association of Sports Journalists AIPS for covering eight or more World Cups.

US journalist Grant Wahl dies in Qatar while covering World Cup (Video) Click Here


What was Grant Wahl’s networth?

5 Million USD.

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