Journey of Ringo Starr in Country Music

Ringo Starr’s debut original song, “This is Some Friendly,” released in 1963 cemented his reputation as a composer and singer for The Beatles. Later on, the song’s name was changed to “Don’t Pass Me By.” The classic record The White record by The Beatles didn’t finally release the song until 1968. Unexpectedly, “Don’t Pass Me By” became a No. 1 success in Denmark and rose to the top of the charts there.

Ringo Starr’s Journey

The moving song “Don’t Pass Me By” is about a person asking their loved one to remember them. The words express the want for their presence and the worry that results from it. The song’s country-inspired style gives The Beatles’ discography a special touch.

Ringo Starr expressed regret for ever doubting his love interest in the song, even after going through a vehicle accident and losing hair, according to a report by He waits patiently for them to reappear in his life, not wanting to be forgotten, demonstrating his unwavering dedication.

Ringo Starr penned or co-authored several other songs for The Beatles, such as “Octopus’s Garden,” “What Goes On,” “Maggie Mae,” “Dig It,” and “Flying,” but “Don’t Pass Me By” was recorded and made available to the public after four years. The song was first performed in a 1964 interview for the BBC radio show Top Gear. When Starr was asked about his songwriting attempts for The Beatles, Paul McCartney stopped the interview and sang, “Don’t pass me by, don’t make me cry, don’t make me blue,” revealing the early version of the lyrics.

Starr recounted the creation of “Don’t Pass Me By,” saying, “I created it when I was sitting around at home, messing with the piano. On the guitar and piano, I only knew three chords, so I just kept playing while letting the music and words come to me. I was having a great time, and everyone in the band was encouraging. It was exciting to get that excellent violinist on tape.

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Before receiving its final name, “Don’t Pass Me By,” the song had previously gone by several working titles, including “Ringo’s Tune (Untitled)” and “This Is Some Friendly.”

Starr’s introduction to country music with “Don’t Pass Me By” was his first, but not his last. Together with John Lennon and Paul McCartney, he co-wrote the country-influenced song “What Goes On” for The Beatles’ Rubber Soul album in 1965.

The passion Starr had for country music before his time with The Beatles. He published a solo album in 1970 called Beaucoups of Blues, which exhibited his love of country and Western music. The song “So Wrong For So Long,” which was co-written by Starr and Dave Stewart in 2017, added even more country twang to his discography and appeared on his album Give More Love.

Johnny Russell wrote the song “Act Naturally,” which rose to notoriety when Ringo Starr and country great Buck Owens sang it together in 1989. The project was a smash on the country charts and demonstrated Starr’s ongoing affinity for the genre. It’s interesting to note that The Beatles had already covered “Act Naturally” on their album Help! in 1965, with Starr taking the lead vocals.

Ringo Starr’s exploration of country music genre during his time with The Beatles and later in his solo career has had a lasting impact on the music business. His reputation as a versatile performer with a great love for the country genre has been cemented by his iconic song “Don’t Pass Me By” and his collaboration on “Act Naturally” with Buck Owens.

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