Taylor Swift invites Taylor Lautner to stage

During her sold-out Eras Tour, Taylor Swift stunned the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City by inviting her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner on stage.

Actresses Joey King and Presley Cash, both of whom worked with Swift on her most recent music video for the song “I Can See You (Taylor’s Version),” were present to support the ‘Twilight’ actor, who served as the inspiration for Swift’s song ‘Back To December,’ in the actor’s presence.

Swift acknowledged her appreciation for Lautner, praising his constructive input on the making of her “Speak Now” album.

Because we all have the same first name, he and his wife have grown to be some of my closest friends.

Lautner, on his part, acknowledged his admiration for Swift both as an artist and a person.

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You are kind, modest, and kind, and I’m grateful to have met you.

When did Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift start dating?

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner dated for a short time in 2009, which means that their relationship ended a long time ago.

That came after they had first gained attention when they were seen together at a hockey game, having originally met on the production of “Valentine’s Day.”

Then, in December 2009, their romance came to an end, and both celebrities made an effort to downplay it.

According to a person close to Swift, “It wasn’t a big deal to start with, and the press exaggerated it far more than it warranted.”

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