The Los Angeles Chargers defense keeps making progress toward the playoffs

Los Angeles Chargers defense keeps making progress

Los Angeles Chargers defense: In the wake of Brandon Staley’s team securing a spot in the playoffs with a suffocating 20-3 victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Monday night, the Los Angeles Chargers defense has gone from being a problem to an advantage.

Los Angeles Chargers defense keeps making progress
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The Colts offence, which was led by Nick Foles, was only able to gain a paltry 173 total yards and 10 first downs while being held to 0-10 on third down and 1-4 on fourth down by the Los Angeles Chargers, who also picked off three Colts passes.

According to the official website of the squad, Staley was quoted as saying, “Just got a unit that’s really linked out there, a team that’s playing incredibly hard.” “Playing with an incredible amount of discipline and doing everything that needs to be done to put in a dominate effort like that,” he said.

This is absolutely what we anticipate happening in the run game as well as the pass game, the pass rush, got to-have-it situations, third downs, and fourth downs. It was a flawless performance all the way through.”

Foles was sacked seven times by the Los Angeles Chargers’ defense, which is the most times in a game since Week 16, 2016, and the Chargers picked off the quarterback three times. It was the first time in the history of the club that they had seven sacks and three interceptions in a game while also allowing no touchdowns to be scored against them. The Los Angeles Chargers’ game against the New York Jets in Week 5 of 2014 was the last time they allowed three points or fewer and less than 200 total yards to an opponent (0 points and 151 total yards allowed).

The head coach commented, “I believe it pretty much says it all” as the team went 0 for 10 on third down.  Wide receiver Keenan Allen remarked on how incredible that was. It is difficult to score points when you are unable to advance the ball on third down. Even though we didn’t score as many points as we had hoped to, the fact that our defense was so strong meant that it didn’t really matter. If we are able to continue to build off of each other in the same way and continue to become better each and every week, we will be a very difficult team to compete against.

In each of their last three contests, Los Angeles Chargers has conceded 17 points or fewer to their opponents (all wins). Since Week 14, the Chargers’ defense has allowed the most points (11.3 per game) and total yards (225.3 per game), both of which rank first in the NFL during that span.

Running back Austin Ekeler commented on how well the defense has been playing over the past several weeks, saying that they have been “playing lights out.” They have been holding our opponents, which has allowed us to stay in these games as long as we have. We owe our success to them.

“It’s been a wonderful time. We’re going to need that as we get into the postseason because there are some good teams that we have to get through first.

It’s true that the Los Angeles Chargers beat a Colts offence that has struggled mightily for the majority of this season, but there’s reason to believe that their success over the past three weeks isn’t just a hiccup and that they’re actually becoming more cohesive as the season winds down. The Chargers’ prospects of becoming a factor in the postseason will increase dramatically if injured players like Joey Bosa are able to return to action.

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Justin Herbert’s Statement

Justin Herbert, who plays quarterback for the team, stated that he does not believe they have yet played their greatest football. I believe that the defense has done an outstanding job over the previous several weeks. On the offensive side, I believe we have room for improvement. We are able to reduce employee turnover, and it all begins with me.

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