Why Emmy Rossum quit after the 9th season of Shameless

Emmy Rossum quit Shameless

Shameless was an offbeat comedy that ran for 11 seasons on Showtime. Up until season 9, Emmy Rossum played the overworked Fiona Gallagher. Here’s why Fiona left the show. When the show ended in 2021, the main character wasn’t in the last two seasons. From the start of the series, Fiona was clear that she was the main character and the Gallagher family’s level-headed protector. When Fiona was first shown, she was taking care of her five siblings and her drunken father, Frank (William H. Macy). Shameless seemed like it might have trouble without Rossum and Fiona, but there were good reasons for this big change.

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People were surprised when Emmy Rossum left the popular show, but she had her own reasons and nothing lasts forever. Other actors left the show, most notably Cameron Monaghan, who played Ian Gallagher and left in season 9 but soon came back. No matter what, Rossum’s absence was very noticeable, and the fact that the show was able to finish two seasons without her is quite a feat. So, when does Fiona leave Shameless, and why did Emmy Rossum leave in the first place? Here are the reasons Fiona quit Shameless.

Why Fiona (Emmy Rossum) stopped going to the Gallagher’s

At the end of the ninth season of Shameless, Fiona decided that she had done everything she could for her family and left the show. Because Fiona is such an important character in the show, this exit seemed out of place in many ways. She was able to get $100,000 when she was bought out of an investment. She was able to put $50,000 of that toward taking care of her family, but it seemed like the characters in the dysfunctional Gallagher family still needed their older sister as much as they always had. Even though the show tried to explain why Fiona disappeared all of a sudden after 9 seasons, it was still shocking.

Still, some fans thought that Fiona had done all she could do on Shameless and that the character was done. By the time Emmy Rossum left the show, most of the Gallagher siblings were adults who could mostly take care of themselves and each other. She would be able to move on to bigger and better things now that she has shown she is good at business by running her own apartment building and selling it.

Fiona’s family had always been worried about whether or not she would leave them. At the end of the first season of Shameless, Fiona almost went to Brazil with Jimmy (Justin Chatwin), who had to leave the country, but she chose to stay with her family instead.

Emmy Rossum was tired of Shameless and wanted to move on

Emmy Rossum’s busy schedule and desire to work on other projects were another reason why Fiona left Shameless after season 9. In 2019, the season 9 finale of Shameless, called “Found,” was the last time we saw her on the show. That was also the year Rossum started working on the Peacock miniseries Angelyne as its star and executive producer. Taking on two roles for this miniseries probably meant that there would be scheduling problems with Shameless. After nine seasons, it makes sense that Rossum would want to try new things as an actor and take on new roles.

Even though Fiona left Shameless for these reasons, why wouldn’t she want to come back for the series finale at the end of season 11? That was the plan for the show when it started, but the last season was shot in 2020. This was when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its worst, so the cast and crew had to stay in quarantine for a while before they could go back to work. Fiona couldn’t come back for the Shameless finale because her schedule and the show’s schedule didn’t allow it.

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Fiona in the UK Shameless also left too early

Shameless is based on a UK show with the same name and basic idea. In that show, Fiona Gallagher also left the show early. Fiona was played by Irish actress Anne-Marie Duff on the UK TV show Shameless. She left the show in season 2, which was a little over a year after the first season. So, it seems likely that her version of Fiona didn’t have enough time to become a fan favorite like Emmy Rossum’s did. Like her counterpart, Duff wanted to do more in the movie business.

After leaving Shameless in 2006, she made the TV movie Born Equal. It’s funny, but Scottish actor James McAvoy (IT: Chapter 2) made his first appearance on the show, and the two were married in real life and on the show. Even though she left the show early, the original Fiona from Shameless has gone on to have a successful career in theatre and on TV.

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