Ozempic in Oscar 2023

After making a joke about the rumored widespread use of the diabetes drug Ozempic among A-list actors and actresses in Hollywood, Jimmy Kimmel has caused viewers of the Oscars to laugh out loud.

Jimmy Kimmel joke about Ozempic

Kimmel, who is hosting the 95th annual Academy Awards this year, took the stage on Sunday, March 12th, to deliver an opening monologue that was full of jokes about a variety of topics, including Nicole Kidman’s advertisements for AMC and Steven Spielberg.

Jimmy Kimmel joke about Ozempic
Jimmy Kimmel joke about Ozempic (Image Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Kimmel then joked about the use of the injectable prescription drug to lose weight during the monologue, with the comedian telling the audience: “Everyone looks so great. When I take in my surroundings here at Ozempic, I can’t help but wonder, “Is this the right place for me?”

The crowd erupted into laughter at the joke, and viewers took to social media to express their hilarity at the remark and how it made them feel.

One person tweeted, “Can’t believe Jimmy Kimmel made an open reference to Ozempic in front of all of Hollywood,” while another person tweeted, “Not Jimmy Kimmel making fun of the Ozempic craze in Hollywood.” [citation needed]

Someone else tweeted the following: “Jimmy Kimmel is not wasting any time with the Ozempic jokes.”

One viewer commented that it was “so incredibly perfect” that Kimmel chose to make a joke about the Olympics within the first two minutes of the Academy Awards show.

“BINGO CARD! One of the viewers joked that it took Jimmy Kimmel less than two minutes to remark on the Olympics.

The widespread use of diabetes medication as a weight loss method has been reported in the media and on social networking sites, which has contributed to the rise in popularity of this method.

On the other hand, plastic surgeons and dermatologists are warning of an increase in “Olympic face,” which is premature facial aging that can result from weight loss and has been linked to the increased use of weight loss methods.

What Is Ozempic?

It is nothing more than the latest weight loss medication known as semaglutide. The diabetes medication, which is marketed under brand names such as Ozempic and Wegovy, has demonstrated remarkable efficacy when administered in higher doses. It has also been discovered that patients with type 2 diabetes who take it have a lower risk of having a cardiovascular event.

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It is estimated that 9.5% of all men and 13.9% of all women will be obese by the year 2040. In light of this, it comes as close to a magic bullet as any drug can get. The drug has been shown to assist study participants in losing approximately 15 percent of their body weight, with some even losing as much as 20 percent of their body weight, which is unheard of with any other intervention apart from bariatric surgery.

Although there are other medications for weight loss on the market, none of them are as efficient as this one. People who have a family history of obesity and diseases related to it may benefit the most from taking the medicine because it can assist them in losing weight. According to Dr. Misra, it should be prescribed to those individuals who may not see a significant impact from dieting or who are unable to exercise due to joint pains that are caused by their weight.

The typical characteristics of a diabetic with type 2 determine whether or not this medication will be effective for them. Therefore, there is control of sugar over the long term. According to Dr. Ambrish Mithal, Chairman and Head, Endocrinology, and Diabetes, at Max Healthcare, “It is indeed more effective than any drug that has been developed in recent times.”

Jimmy Kimmel joke about Ozempic (Video) Watch Now

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