South African rapper Costa Titch dies at 28

Costa Titch dies: After unconfirmed recordings of him collapsing twice while performing onstage at a music event went viral on the internet, the family of a South African rapper who was 28 years old revealed on Sunday that he had passed away. The news came after recordings of him collapsing onstage at a music event went viral.

Costa Titch dies at 28

The family of the artist Constantinos Tsobanoglou, better known by his stage name Costa Titch, announced that he had passed away in a statement; however, they did not disclose the circumstances surrounding his death or provide any further details.

Costa Titch dies at 28
Costa Titch dies at 28 (Image Source: Oupa Bopape/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

The message that was posted on Costa Titch’s Instagram account claimed, “Unfortunately, death has arrived and is standing at our doorstep,” “robbing us of our beloved son, brother, and grandchild.” [In a philosophical sense, death has arrived and is standing at our doorstep.] The contributor did not sign the note, and they expressed a desire to remain anonymous in their contribution. The statement continued by extending gratitude to “all those there in his final hours on this earth,” which included first responders and other members of the medical community.

When he was performing, it appeared as though Costa Titch was hunching forward, as evidenced by footage that was distributed on social media. Before the rapper starts his act, an unidentified man onstage grabs him and pulls him up, which is depicted in one of the scenes. But, after only a few seconds, it seems as though he has fallen to the ground once more.

Without assistance from outside sources, the authenticity of the videos could not be established. The performance of Costa Titch was scheduled to take place on Saturday night at the Ultra Music Festival that was taking place in Nasrec, which is a suburb of Johannesburg. The festival’s organizers posted a statement on Twitter expressing their condolences over the loss of the musician. They referred to him as “a talented rapper, dancer, songwriter, collaborator, and friend to the festival.” In the statement, in addition to the previous information. They did not disclose any information about the circumstances involving his passing, and despite our best efforts, we were unable to get in direct contact with them on Sunday for comment.

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The news of the rapper’s passing was met with grief and astonishment by both his fans and his contemporaries in the music industry. Costa Titch, may you finally find some rest in this life. In a tweet, the South African-born American musician Leslie Jonathan Mampe Jr., better known by his stage name Da L.E.S., expressed his regret at the early death of a “great talent.” Mampe Jr. is better recognized for his work under the stage name Da L.E.S.

After learning of Costa Titch’s loss, the Southern African Music Rights Organization, which is a copyright organization that protects musicians in the area, offered their “heartfelt condolences” to his family.

Within the span of only a few short weeks, South Africa’s flourishing rap business has been dealt a blow twice with the passing of significant figures in the sector. A month ago, Kiernan Forbes, better known by his stage as AKA, passed unexpectedly after being shot outside of a restaurant in Durban, which is situated on the southern coast of the country. AKA was best recognized for his work as a rapper. At the age of 35, Forbes had already accomplished much. In 2021, the album that AKA and Costa Titch had worked together on was finally made available to the public.

South African rapper Costa Titch dies on stage (Video) Watch Now

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