Rolling Hills Estates Landslide

Late Saturday night, a significant landslide in the Rolling Hills Estates neighborhood forced the evacuation of 12 homes.

Landslide at Rolling Hills Estates neighborhood

Supervisor for Los Angeles County Janice Hahn claims that a “major landslide” is posing a threat to numerous homes on Peartree Lane close to the canyon.

Crews found weaknesses in the framework of one building during the initial assessment, which got underway late Saturday. They rapidly identified cracks that were spreading through many properties and called in experts.

Finally, they concluded that the shifting of the ground had caused damage to 12 homes, either on the outside or the inside. It is still unknown when the ground started to give way. To identify the cause, geologists will survey the area.

Patrols from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department will keep an eye on the region through the night “to ensure the evacuated homes are secure,” according to Supervisor Hahn.

Another tweet from Hahn stated, “I had the opportunity to interact with residents who are being evacuated.” “Everyone is safe, but entering these homes is currently dangerous.”

Sixteen locals have already been relocated. Red tags have been placed on the twelve affected residences. Other residents can remain.

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“It is likely that the neighboring residents possess a more comprehensive perspective on the matter. Many of them are built on the same kind of landscaping. Nicholas Riegels, a resident of Rolling Hills Estates, said, “But for the time being, it is nice to see all of the community resources organized to support these people, and we just hope they are okay.

Right now, the street is closed off. Gas workers have dug up the road and are looking at any possible system hazards.

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