The death of Scott Minerd, a partner at Guggenheim Partners, came as a shock to everyone

Scott Minerd Dies After Heart Attack

Guggenheim Partners makes the following announcement with a heavy heart: Scott Minerd, one of Guggenheim’s Managing Partners and its Global Chief Information Officer, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly earlier today. During his usual workout on Wednesday afternoon, December 21, 2022, Scott suffered a heart attack, which resulted in his untimely death.

Scott Minerd
Scott Minerd Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg

Mark Walter, CEO and a Founder of Guggenheim Partners remarked, “I have known Scott Minerd for over 30 years, and for the better part of that time, we worked together as business partners. Guggenheim Investments did not become the global company it is today without the significant contributions made by Scott, who was a key inventor and thought leader. All of his family and close friends will miss him deeply. My heartfelt condolences go out to his husband, his family, and all of those who were dear to him.”

Soon after Guggenheim was established, Scott Minerd became the firm’s Managing Partner and joined the company. He was a regular commenter on markets and investing, both on television and via social media. His primary focus was on the stock market. Additionally, Scott was one of the designers of the organization, processes, and procedures that contribute to Guggenheim Investments’ position as a powerful, resilient, and scalable leader in the asset management industry. Over the course of his tenure at Guggenheim Investments, Scott Minerd assumed the role of public speaker for the company, became one of its senior leaders, and served as a mentor to the company’s workforce, among whom were several individuals that Scott had personally hired.

The Guggenheim Museum has put its succession plan into action, which was created to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Guggenheim Investments has a total workforce of 900 people, with more than 350 of them working in investment-related roles.

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Dina DiLorenzo and David Rone, who serve as Co-Presidents of Guggenheim Investments, and Anne Walsh, who is both a Managing Partner and the Chief Investment Officer of Guggenheim Partners Investment Management, continue to serve as the company’s top leaders. Anne is going to carry on with her existing function of directing the team that manages client investments, and she is also going to take up a significant portion of Scott’s responsibilities on an interim basis. Anne has earned the full trust of the leadership team at Guggenheim as a result of her 16 years of service as a leader in the company’s asset management business.

Mourning Scott Minerd’s passing is his business partners at Guggenheim, as well as the numerous coworkers he brought into the company, with whom he collaborated, and who he guided throughout the course of his career. As a way of paying tribute to Scott Minerd, the investment professionals at Guggenheim will keep using the methods and procedures that Scott was instrumental in developing in order to manage the client portfolios at Guggenheim. They intend to commemorate his memory by devoting their continued efforts to doing so in a manner that is both excellent and faithful.

There will be no interruption of service to the clients, no change in the daily operations of client portfolios, and no change in the process of selecting investment assets. All of these responsibilities are handled by long-standing committees and by long-tenured financial professionals who, day after day, implement our investment process. There will be no change in any of these responsibilities.

Within the coming several days, we will have much more information to share about Scott and the numerous accomplishments he has made for both our company and the communities that we serve.

Our sincerest condolences go out to Eloy Mendez, Scott Minerd’s husband, as well as to all of Scott Minerd’s other loved ones, including his many friends and coworkers.

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What’s Scott Minerd’s Net Worth?

$325 million

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