Emily in Paris Season 3: Do Emily and Gabriel get together?

Emily in Paris Season 3

Emily in Paris Season 3: Emily and Gabriel have had a strong connection from the very first moments of the show Emily in Paris. In the third season of Emily in Paris, there is no denying the attraction that exists between the two main characters, which creates a healthy amount of conflict for their surrounding community.

Emily in Paris Season 3
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Emily and Gabriel are each in their own relationships by the time the romantic comedy series Emily in Paris Season 3 airs. Emily is dating Alfie, and Gabriel is dating Camille. However, as was hinted at in the trailer, there just might be some new developments in the relationship between the two star-crossed lovers yet.

Do Emily and Gabriel ever share a kiss, make some heartwarming eye contact with one another, go on a date, or anything?! at any point during the third season of Emily in Paris? For all of you out there who are rooting for Emily and Gabriel to get together, here’s what went down between them in season 3 and what the future might hold for them.

In Emily in Paris season 3, does a romantic relationship develop between Emily and Gabriel?

Without further ado, here is the straightforward response to your question: Emily in Paris season 3 does not feature a romantic relationship between Emily and Gabriel. Despite this, they do wind up being together in the end. Not in the way that you might anticipate it to be. Let’s get into it.

Emily and Gabriel are very much in their respective relationships at the beginning of the season; however, as the season progresses, their orbits inch closer and closer together toward the middle of the season. In spite of the fact that Alfie was supposed to be there with them, Emily and Gabriel eat their meal together in Provence. Instead, both the waiter and the chef were under the impression that Emily and Gabriel were a couple the entire time. (Is it possible to blame them?)

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The couple shares another moment together in episode 7 when they go to a screening of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with Mindy and Nicolas as part of an unofficial double date. However, we can still dream, right? Emily and Gabriel have the cutest time in a vibrant museum after opting to leave the movie early so that they can spend more time together.

In the eighth episode, which serves as a precursor to the finale, Emily comes to Gabriel’s assistance when he is feeling uncertain about his future with Camille. When Emily receives his text message requesting a drink, she discovers that he is already tipsy on a bottle of Japanese whisky. He admits that he started falling in love with Emily the very first time he laid eyes on her, which is one of the drunken truths that he speaks. Before he passes out, he tells her that she has completely altered the course of his life. It goes without saying that Emily is at a loss for words due to her state of shock.

Emily ends up assisting Gabriel in the planning of a marriage proposal for Camille, even though the two of them decide to get engaged on their own. Gabriel has no memory of anything he said to Emily. The engagement party that was supposed to take place at her family’s estate ends up turning into an impromptu wedding instead. During the ceremony, Camille interrupts her vows in order to reveal the agreement that she made with Emily as well as their shared feelings for each other.

The unexpected turn of events prompts both Alfie and Camille to flee the scene in separate directions. In the final scene of Emily in Paris season 3 Ep. 1, Emily and Gabriel sit down together outside and discuss their feelings for one another in an open and forthright manner. It is almost as if this is the first time they have ever done so. They are reunited in this sense after being separated, but they are not actually reuniting as a couple. The clincher is… Gabriel reveals Camille is pregnant. Things certainly just became a great deal more difficult.

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