WR Justin Jefferson of the Vikings has surpassed Randy Moss as the player with the most receiving yards through his first 3 seasons, Shocking

Justin Jefferson New NFL Record

Justin Jefferson New NFL Record: Justin Jefferson continues to rewrite the record books, and this time he takes the place of a Minnesota Vikings legend in the annals of the franchise.

Justin Jefferson
Image Source: Vikings Wire USA Today

On Thursday night, the 23-year-old wide receiver surpassed Randy Moss, a pass catcher who is in the Hall of Fame, to set a new record for the most receiving yards through a player’s first three seasons. Jefferson surpassed Moss’ three-year total of 4,163 yards in the second quarter of the Minnesota Vikings’ win over the New England Patriots 33-26. Jefferson started the game with a career total of 4,109 yards.

After the game, Jefferson commented on the accomplishment by telling reporters, “It means a lot.” “It indicates that I am getting closer to achieving my goal of being inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, I am going to keep working hard and doing everything it takes in order to contribute to this team’s success. This is such a great crew. I’d go to any lengths to get it. When it’s in the air, the ball is mine to control.”

With 5:08 left in the half and Minnesota down 13-10, Jefferson overtook Moss with an incredible catch of 37 yards that gave him 77 yards on the day at the moment. This brought his total to 77 yards. As a result of his nine receptions, he finished with 139 yards (for a career total of 4,248) and a touchdown to help the Vikings recover from their 40-3 loss from the previous week and improve to 9-2.

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Justin Jefferson elucidated the situation by stating, “Last game, we did not enjoy the manner that we played, completely, all the way around.” “We knew going into this game that we had to prove to everyone that the previous week was just not our week,” he said. The standout wide receiver for the Vikings finished the day on Thursday with 1,232 receiving yards, which gave him the lead in the league above Miami’s Tyreek Hill (1,148) and Buffalo’s Stefon Diggs (1,110), both of whom had played earlier in the day.

Justin Jefferson remarked that the team’s performance was “outstanding” and that they were “playing tremendous football.” “We just need to keep going, finish out this season, make it to the playoffs, and continue doing what it is that we have to do,” said the coach. On the following Sunday at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, Jefferson and the Vikings would play host to the New York Jets.

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